Build a Robot & Win a MiniMonos Inventor T-Shirt!

Have you seen the news about the first MiniMonos Eco HeroInventor image being revealed?  MiniMonos is giving away a RARE MiniMonos Inventor Tshirt! – all you have to do is win it.


Grab recyclable items from around the island, or by playing games on MiniMonos, and get ready to build an EPIC robot in the Lab to be in the draw to win a RARE MiniMonos Inventor T-Shirt in real life!

Here’s how to enter:

Build a Robot at Einstiens Lab and take a picture with it!

  1. Use the ‘Share’ button on the picture to send your picture to – include your monkeyname!
  2. Send an email to, and tell us what problem your robot would solve for you in real life!  Be sure to include your monkeyname in this email!

Start building your robot now… and send your robot picture & story in to us by March 13th to go into the draw to win! One very LUCKY winner will be announced on March 14th!

Note: If you want to just send in one email with your story and picture attached, that’s fine too!

Good luck, monkeys!

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MiniMonos Inventor Image Revealed!

A week or so ago, MiniMonos gave some fan blogs a puzzle piece of something BIG coming to MiniMonos.

The bloggers revealed there pieces and the image was revealed!


He looks like an INVENTOR to us – we saw some monkeys saying he looked like a climber or a scientist!

What do you think this has to do with MiniMonos?  What do you think this Inventor is like?

Let me know what you think this monkey is? Big thanks to MiniMonos PlanetMiniMonos Time,  MiniMonos BlastMiniMonos Info, and MiniMonos Cheats for solving this puzzle!

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EXCLUSIVE: MiniMonos Info piece of SOMETHING BIG happening on MiniMonos

MiniMonos Fan Blog owners should have been sent a piece of a puzzle which we’ve been told is something BIG that is happening on MiniMonos soon!

We have got a job to put all the puzzle pieces together to find out what is coming on MiniMonos. Check out the piece that I was sent:


It looks awesome!, it looks like a monkey building, maybe in relation with Eco Warriors or maybe something different.. What do you think this is monkeys? — Let me know!

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MiniMonos Most LIKED Orbventure!

Build an EPIC Orbventure mission at the Crash Site and get ready to share it with all of your buddies! If you’re new to MiniMonos and want some handy tips on how to build an orbventure, check out this video!

The TOP 5 Orbventures that get the MOST Likes between NOW and March 1st will win 100 BONUS Go Orbs xPowers and a SILVER TICKET!

This sounds fantastic! — good chance on winning xPowers and a Silver Ticket!

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MiniMonos Info 55,000 Party Review!

Hi Monkeys!

Last week, iPuma and I had a party on Star Tiger, Leatherback Lagoon at 6PM Monkey time! — we had a great time giving away xPowers and gifts to monkeys, by playing games and having mini-parties.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 12.24.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 12.05.42 PM

Here’s a video of the full party:


Thanks monkeys for attending if you could! — also Congrats to Manny who won the Zeevex code!

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MiniMonos March MaxiMonkeys Wanted!

Hi Monkeys!

The MaxiMonkey application has returned for the month of March! Apply today to become one of our awesome, senior MaxiMonkeys, who help new players on MiniMonos!

Click here to learn about the MaxiMonkey program. Go to the MiniMonos Blog to fill out the form.

The MaxiMonkey application form will be open until March 1st 2013


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MiniMonos BONUS Paper Lanterns!


Make your treehouse light up this weekend with BONUS Paper Lanterns!

Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get BONUS Paper Lanterns for your treehouse!

Offer ends midday Monday February 25th, Monkey Time (GMT).


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The MOST FESTIVE treehouses on MiniMonos!


Jablala is ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a festive meal in her EPIC treehous. Jablala has the MOST FESTIVE treehouses on MiniMonos and is grabbing a Golden Ticket for her awesome decorating!

Lillybubb and ColaX have also been rewarded with one Gold Ticket each for decking out their treehouses for the Lunar New Year.

Great job decorating, monkeys!

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Want Any xPowers This Weekend? – Feb 15

Hey Monkeys iPuma here with awesome news!

This weekend, if you buy Banana Chips, Shells, Or Gold you will get 40 Go Earth xPowers! I find this awesome because I am going to have a party TOMORROW with Loki Terry and we will be giving away a Zeevex card after the party! and if you win the Zeevex card code you can buy Banana Chips, Shells, and Gold! After that you should have 40 Go Earth xPowers! Enjoy your day!  @(^_^)@

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 3.35.11 PM

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Happy Valentines Day!


Today is Valentines Day and the MiniMonos team and I want to know why you love the Earth!

Let the MiniMonos team know on the Go Bananas Blog know why you love the Earth in the comments below to score yourself 20 “Go Valentines” xPowers!

Don’t forget to make a Valentines Day card and send it to your buddies at Castle Beach before time runs out!

Happy Valentines Day, monkeys!

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