MiniMonos Banana Chips Cheats 2013

MiniMonos has a variety of games that are fun and exciting around the island. I will be helping you by providing you guides on how to get a lot of Banana Chips in a great time. Here are the guides:

  • Monkey Fist Cheats – Monkey Fist is for sure the best game out there on MiniMonos, it’s the most popular, check out all the current cheats or the Monkey Fist game on MiniMonos!
  • Grow High Cheats – Want to know how to play Grow High and get the best amount of banana chips? —  check out our page to see what you need to know to get the best amount of banana chips for this game!
  • Monkey Flight Cheats – It’s a flying adventure! It’s a fun game to play which you can play and also be on high score boards, check out our page for the latest Monkey Flight cheats!
  • Recycle Treehouse Guide /R.A.T.S Game Cheats – Learn about the RATS game here by seeing what you have to do to help clean the island!
  • Tic Tac Poo Cheats – What a funny game to play! – Yucky but fun! – Check out the guide I have done for you to get the best banana chips in return!
  • GoGo Green Cheats – Find lots of information on the GoGo Green game and how you can get a lot of banana chips! 
  • Monkey Swim Cheats – Make sure you check out the Monkey Swim page here – great information on the game here!
  • Chalk it Up Cheats – Learn about the newest game on MiniMonos!