MiniMonos Codes

Hey Monkeys,

MiniMonos has times where they are give out free promotional items, that could be from banana chips, to shells to furniture or even xPowers! and the best part is that it’s free! – Listed below are the latest MiniMonos Codes 2013 that you can use.

  • AVIATION – Bi-Plane for your treehouse!
  • YUMPIE – 20 Go Pie xPowers!
  • CANDYCANE – 20 Go CandyCane xPowers!
  • GOCANNONBALL – Tennis Ball Cannon!
  • GOFOOTIE – 20 Go Footballs xPowers!
  • SILLYME – 20 Go Groucho xPowers & 250 chips!
  • EPIC SWAG – A free Epic Torch for your treehouse!
  • GOTOOT – 10 Go Toot xPowers
  • LETSDISCO – Disco Lights for your treehouse!
  • SUPERSTAR – 20 Go Star xPowers and 250 chips!
  • MONKEYROCKS – 250 Summon the Dragon xPowers and cool Disco Lights for your treehouse!
  • ROCKON – You will receive a free Rock Climbing Wall
  • DUSTSTORM – 20 Go Dust xPowers!
  • GOGIFTS – 20 Go Gifts xPowers and 250 Banana Chips!

How to use Promo Codes in-game

  1. Log on to MiniMonos and then click on your monkey profile and then press “Code”

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 23.05.16

You will then be asked to place the Promo Code, check the current codes above!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 21.59.14

Once you’ve entered the code, it will congratulate you!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 21.59.36

32 Responses to MiniMonos Codes

  1. Gold41 says:

    Sick blood! Thx

  2. prettygirl0123 says:

    please put more codes on i’ve used them all!!

  3. ellie198 says:

    i whant shells

  4. miniking95 says:

    COOL:) -MK

  5. miniking95 says:

    A code you havent mensioned is gobananas

  6. monkeyliveactor says:

    thanx fam

  7. princesskaren says:

    omg codes ive got millions of x powers on my account x

  8. princesskaren says:

    i want all the codes lol xx

  9. jord123 says:

    cool i love codes i used mmostley all of them

  10. miniguy8 says:

    I want shells to!!

  11. picker234 says:

    these codes ar epic i’ve got loads of xpowers now!!

  12. adam valentino says:

    not much codes are there more codes?

  13. lucia290706 says:

    thx for tellin me these codes cuz now i used them all PLEASE OH PLEASE GIVE ME MORE CODES!!

  14. AdeleReid says:

    please put more codes, everybody here has used them all! Please put more on! 🙂

  15. rANDOM says:

    lol u 4got GOSTAR

  16. starwarsrules1678 says:

    please get a code for a GOLD MEMBERSHIP!.

  17. Gorgieray says:

    please put more on iv used them all

  18. ScottSummers says:

    Amazing X-Powers 🙂 Love them

  19. monkeyman509 says:

    I love these go codes

  20. Anonymous says:

    codes good

  21. cooldude says:

    wick codes

  22. cooldude says:


  23. xJasmineG says:

    And try
    SUPERPOW- Pow T-shirt!
    GARDENNINJA- 20 Compost and Self watering for your treehouse
    GREENTHUMB- 20 Compost and Butterfly Garden for your treehouse
    MADCHIPS-500 Free Chips
    POPCORN-20 Go Popcorn

  24. Phoebe180 says:

    those codes do work thx! ^

  25. fatblob says:


  26. miniking95 says:

    I was just about to mension that!! 😀

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