Levels of Zoom

In our various walkthroughs, we’ll use the phrase ‘level of zoom’. The first level if zoom is the initial zoom level. The second level is the level you see after you double click once, and the third level is after you double click twice. Keep in mind that the first level of zoom may be more zoomed in than the third level. When in doubt, ask in our forum!

Book 1 Walkthroughs

Book 2 Walkthroughs

Book 3 Walkthroughs

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  1. Do you have any idea on the precise date of opening? Because I can NOT take it any longer! Do you have any idea how frustrating this is??? Aspecially everybody on youtube talking about how great it is to get sorted and get your wand! It is already MID april now!!!

  2. May we have a guide for the rest of the chapters in book 1, please? This is helping me SOO much lol.

    I’m in my 2nd walk thru of book one, and realized that I missed A LOT while reading your guide!

    Thank you =)

    • Hi just got to level 7-4 I’ve had the same issue with the yellow bird hngaing in mid air I enlarged that area I saw no ledge also when I landed a boomerang bird on the right side it dropped the blocks ok but left a wooden stick hngaing in mid air to the left leaving a gap between the wall to the right and the stick to the left destroying my next bird from being able to continue on it’s path

  3. I wonder when book #2 (Chamber of secrets) is going to be allowed? but until then Pottermore will be Pottersnore!!

  4. I have just received my user account, but I can not open the first door on the top of the page. but I have managed to open the door to Diagon Alley, Gringotts, great hall, common room, spells, potions, trunk, freinds and favorites. but i miss the first …

    • You can’t open the first right now. Don’t know what it will be. Maybe it’s for the 7th book or something like that

    • That might be because i think its DA – Dumbledore’s Army or the Order of the Phoenix.. which comes only later on and therefore it aint there.

  5. When is the rest of Chamber of secrets arriving? Or have I missed something ‘couse I can’t get passed chapter 4.. :/

  6. i am not able 2 open my pottermore account from d day chamber of secrets 5-11 became available…i am really freaking plz plz plz do help me as soon as possible friends..i am a friend in need of help..i just cant live without pottermore and so plz help me by telling me how 2 solve my ”unaccessable” account problem 🙁 :.( bohoo…wah wah 🙁 plz reply me as soon as u read dis frnds ..i am requestin u all..and as dumbledore said help is always given 2 dos who want it ..plz plz plz help me..

    • do you know your account name? if so than there is a forgot your password where you can change your password. if you do not know your username (account name) than there is a forgot your username. this has an email sent to the email that you signed up with stating your username and (maybe(unsure about this)) password.

  7. Do you know when Pottermore Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets chapters 11-18 will be released? I can’t wait any longer for them to be released.

  8. There are three new books to collect in Book 1, Chapter 15. I’ve got two of them, but cannot find the third (Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration). Anybody have any suggestions?

    • you can get it from the flourish & blotts at the diagon alley which you can find on the left side 2. place of the top of the page.Hope that helped.

  9. I am having trouble with the Diagon Alley part of the site. I got a notification saying I can now buy the new books needed for third year but when I click on the go shopping button nothing happens. Any idea what to do/how to fix it etc?

  10. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting these!!! You are the only site I can find that is keeping up with the walkthroughs as the chapters come out. THANKS!

  11. Hey 🙂
    When will you publish the new chapters of the Prisoner?
    Just a question, no stress 😀

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