Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

There are two items to collect in moment 1 of book 3 chapter 3. The first is the Blenheim Stalk Chocolate Frog Card, under the first level of zoom.

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The second item consists of flower heads, under the second level of zoom.

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In the first level of zoom in moment 2, you can unlock “The Knight Bus”.

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Roll your mouse over the walking stick holder (is that what it’s even called) and pick up the walking stick.

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Double click and galleons will fall out. You can collect them. They tend to roll around so it can be a bit difficult. You can see a galleon below in the bottom center. There are 3 galleons total.

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32 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  1. Also in the bus is a paper on the 2nd bed that has part of an article on Sirius Black. It’s on the bottom part of the bed frame.

  2. I was able to get as many as 5 galleons, also after you collect all your money and refresh the page you will notice that the ‘motion’ of the Knight bus disappears. That’s how you know you’ve got everything you can from that moment.

  3. In book 3, chapter 3, moment 2, if you click on the newspaper on the bed (on the right hand side, the bed in the back), there is a “read about” for Sirius Black.

  4. Just thought I’d point out that in Magnolia Crescent you can see Sirius in his Animagus form. I just thought it was a cool touch!

  5. when you zoom in the 2nd seen and the bus starts to move check out the stair way in the back a Galleon will fall from it but you have to grab it fast, you may need to refresh if you miss it, also the newspaper haning on the bed rail.

  6. There are one or two galleons to collect if you double click. It’ll fall from the second floor when the bus begins to move, then slide first to one side (over the fallen umbrella and walking stick), then to the right.

  7. There will be round yellow balls falling and rolling across the bus, they are Galleons, I think there are 2 off them, the point is to catch them before they disappear

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