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29 thoughts on “Chatroom

  1. Would love to know the time for clue five I need to get up in AM for work and am desperate to grt early registration and ideas for Sarnia Ontario Canada?

  2. Each day it’s been released an hour later. Day 4 it was 9 am, which means tomorrow it should be 10 if they keep this up. Hope this helps!

  3. When I type in, it redirects me to, is that supposed to happen? What do I do?

    • Any idea what happened to the sign in page for pottermore mine was gone this morning have they started to let people in?

    • Yeah that confused me too 😐 The ad at the top is where the quill is hidden. When you click on the right quill it will give you a link to register 🙂

  4. I really need to get Pottermore tomorrow! I only found out today! I hope the question is easy because I haven’t read the 6th book in ages. Watched the movie a few days ago though. Half Blood Prince. Shouldn’t be too hard and if I don’t get it I’ll look it up.

  5. My sister got an account on Friday. Now I really want one! I live in the UK. What time will day 7 start 4 me? It says 12:30 AM – 03:00 AM but it might be different for me. Please help quick!

  6. Any clue on when we can get in ? Rumor is today starting with day ones clue entrys is this true?

  7. i need help i have completed all the chapters of book but, still the book 2 in locked…have i missed out anything??
    what should i do??
    please help as soon as possible!!

  8. They say we get a badge if we borrow the Book os Spells by moiranda goshwak in he restricted section but how!

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