Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

In the first moment of Book 2 Chapter 1 in Pottermore, first you can pick up Flower Heads in the first level of zoom.

AFTER you have completed the first four chapters, come back to Chapter 1 moment 1, and within the second level of zoom, collect the Cornelius Agrippa Chocolate Frog Card and Bertie Bott’s Sprout-Flavored Bean in the second level of zoom. The frog card is right above the bean.

Meanwhile in the third level of zoom within Moment 1, you can pick up Honey.

In moment 2, you can pick up Pruning Shears in the second level of zoom.

You can pick up some rose thorns in the third level of zoom of moment 2.

Dried Nettles can also be picked up in moment 2 within the third level of zoom.

Book 2 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

33 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  1. Hi! I did Book 1 a while back and I was wondering if there was any collectable that only appears after you’ve already read the book like the sprout bean here.


  2. The thing is – i can’t open the door of number 4 privet drive in ch1 moment1 – but i can still collect those things mentioned above – it’s actually quite funny

  3. I can’t get the door to open to the cupboard under the stairs, even after I’ve completed the first 4 chapters like the instructions say…what am I doing wrong? It has a lock on it and won’t open.

  4. Hello, In the first chapter I see the cabin should be opened but for some reason mine doesnt open. some people say you need a pin or a key but I dont know how to use it and where I should get it. any help please?

  5. In Book 2 – Chapter 1 – Seen 2 – Zoom 3 – if you click on the dark patch of bushes to the left of the tree you will see a pair of green eyes.

  6. I have completed the entire book, I have 2 hairpins, I zoom to level 2 and I still can’t open the cupboard… Am I missing something here?

  7. how can i unlock Lock-pitcher badge? its says i have to use a hairpin to collect chocolate frog card, do you know what it does mean?

  8. When I go back to chapter 1, the door was locked. What can I do? I have the key, I did chapter 4 and it didn’t opened.

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