Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

In the first scene of moment 1, you can unlock “Sir Cadogan”.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 5.28.30 PM

In the second moment under the second level of zoom, pick up the Exploding Snap Pack.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 5.30.29 PM

Also in the second level is a tea cup.

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Also there is the Cassandra Vablatsky Chocolate Frog Card.

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Last but not least in this level of zoom, pick up the book Xylomancy.

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In the first level of zoom of moment 3, pick up the Knotgrass next to Ron’s feet.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 18.20.27

In the second level of zoom, you can unlock Professor Kettleburn.

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On its right, you can pick up the Norvel Twonk Chocolate Frog Card.

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202 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 3 Chapter 6 Walkthrough

  1. There s knotgrass to collect in the second level of zoom, moment three. It is to the left of the boy by the hippo griff in the left front.

  2. If you repeatedly double click on the portrait you will follow down the wall Sir Cadogan’s painting is on and can watch him interact with other paintings. There a total of 4 other scenes. Can’t find any collectable items, but it’s cute.

  3. In the first moment of Chapter 6, in front of the hoof of the Hippogriff and Ron is some Nettle Grass (?) I think that’s what it’s called.

  4. Not exactly something to collect or anything, but I found it quite interesting. In Moment 1, double tap the portrait and you’ll be brought to several other paintings featuring Sir Cadogan and other people.

  5. In the first moment, if you doubleclick a couple times you can see Sir Cadogan walking through a couple pictures. But there’s nothing to collect :(

  6. Knotgrass is also available in Hagrid’s First Lesson. Didn’t write it down at the time so I don’t know what zoom level it is.

  7. Hi I am finding your walkthrough very helpful, i think i found some knotgrass by Ron’s foot in the Hippogriff scene. Please check to make sure but i am pretty sure! Thanks

  8. If you keep double clicking in moment one, you can venture into two more portraits – the first with a group of women and the second with three monks. Nothing to collect, but worth a bit of fun!

  9. If you double click on the picture of Sir Cadogen it will bring you to the left of the picture. Keep double clicking and it will go through a couple more pictures. Nothing to pick up but very entertaining.

  10. In Book 3 Chapter 6, 3rd moment, you can collect “Knotgrass” in the 1st level of zoom, by the brown HIppograff near Harry/Ron/Hermione.

  11. Moment 3, first zoom. On the ground in front of the red Hippogriff’s claw there is an item, I don’t remember what it is though, sorry!

  12. there is also a bunch of knotgrass in the moment 3 in the first level of zoom!it’s at the left side of the student that looks like Ron who’s in front of the brown hipogriff!

  13. If you go through the levels of zoom in the first moment, you get to watch Sir Cadogan run through a couple of other paintings and see the occupants react, which is pretty amusing. XD

  14. I tried zooming in and putting the mouse over the hippogriff, but nothing happened for me. I also tried to click on the chocolate frog card, but it wouldn’t let me collect it. Is the site having problems? Is anyone else having problems?

  15. I found some Knotgrass third moment, no zoom, at the first hipogriff on the left, down in the area where Ron stands :)

  16. Also, in moment 3 before zooming, there is a clump of knotgrass beside the group of students in the foreground, to the left of their feet. Not sure if it is between Harry and the other group, but it is there.

  17. Weird, I can’t get the Chocolate frog card or the Professor Kettleburn… no purple highlights at all :(
    Does anyone else have that problem ? :(

  18. How do I get the read more pop up to work on moment 3 with the hippogriff? I’ve tried it in different screen sizes on Explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, and Safari on different computers, but it has never worked.

  19. *i could only get the In the second level of zoom of moment 3, you can unlock Professor Kettleburn. -to click in internet explorer; tried it in firefox and in chrome- nothing.

  20. I can’t seem to unlock either of these things. I think it’s another glitch. I’ve refreshed and everything. This happened with the Bertie Bott’s card too. UGH!

    • and the chocolate frog card wasn’t there or the hippogriff “read about” highlight.

  21. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to read more about Professor Kettleburn, nor can I pick up that chocolate frog card. =/

  22. For whatever reason, when I try to pick up those last two items, they do not become outlined in purple and made available to click on. Do I have to find something first before I can get them?

  23. Hey.. I tried so many times but I still can’t unlock Prof. Kettleburn. I zoomed in but I can’t click anything. What went wrong? I tried using chrome, firefox and opera, still nothing happened. Anyone having same problem or is it just me? Please help.. :(

  24. it won’t let me unlock Kettleburn or the card. I can’t click on it at all. the purple light doesn’t even show up. any suggestions?

  25. If you click 4 times, in moment 1, you can other paintings. the knight dude runs through the pictures too with you as you go along. i think there’s only 2 paintings though.

  26. It won’t let me click on hippogriff to unlock Kettleburn, I’ve dried zooming in and out and switching browser =(

  27. There is also knotgrass in zoom one by Ron’s foot. But I am having trouble unlocking Profesor Kettleburn and the Norvel Twonk chocolate frog (nothing lights up). Any help with this?

  28. For some reason, I can’t unlock Professor Kettleburn. Nothing happens when I put my mouse over the hippogriff. I can’t get the chocolate frog card too. It just doesn’t have the purple light that lights up when something can be collected. Someone please help me. Thank you.

  29. In the second level of zoom on moment 3, I can’t click to unlock Kettleburn or the Chocolate Frog Card at all. Any suggestions?

  30. Alas, it might be something to do with my browser (I’m using Chrome) but I can’t unlock the professor or collect the frog card. :/

  31. moment 3 won’t work… i can zoom in once and i can see the card but it won’t let me click on it… is there something i am supposed to have before this section works?

  32. in moment three, the first level, you can pick up knotgrass by the red/brown hippogriff.
    For some reason, I can’t click on the hippogriff in zoom 2 or pick up the chocolate frog card

  33. To the left of Ron’s foot, there’s Knotgrass. Also, I’m unable to click on, both, the hippogriff for Prof. Kettleburn and the Bertie Bott’s bean… Any suggestions or new knowledge of what’s going on there?

  34. You can collect knotgrass (for potions) on the left, by Ron’s (?) foot. Sorta between the brown hippogriff and the top of the fence post on the bottom of the picture. Good luck finding it — sorry for the awkward directions.

  35. I can’t click on either of those in moment 3. they don’t even glow purple. I’ve zoomed in and out also, any suggestions?

  36. I cannot unlock the professor kettleburn info or retrieve the Norvel Twonk frog card. Seems alot of people having the same problem.

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