Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 14 Walkthrough

In the second level of zoom for moment 1, you can unlock “Ghosts”.

In the second level of zoom, you can also pick up 5 galleons.

In the third level of zoom, there are 3 items in the cabinet which you can pick up: bottle of Skele-Gro, a Bezoar Stone, and Salamander Blood.

In moment 2 under the second level of zoom, pick up the Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent.

Pick up some Dried Billywig Stings.

In the third level of zoom, pick up Keys. They are right inside the door, which will close as soon as you hover your mouse over the doorframe, so be careful not to do so (if you accidentally do so, just refresh the page).

You an also pick up Infusion of Wormwood.

Lastly, pick up some Dried Nettles.

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21 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 14 Walkthrough

    • Yes, when you have closed the door, you can see them in the left window. This is what I like about pottermore, all those little easter eggs!

  1. In the third level of zoom in the third moment, you can also collect a key. It’s just inside Hagrid’s door but you have to collect it quickly as the door closes after a few seconds.

    • Actually, you run the mouse cursor on the top door frame and it closes. I closed it after I grabbed the key

    • I’m thinking she might put her Encyclopedia of Harry Potter up there. Maybe she does not want to write and pbusilh it, when the information keeps growing. This would be a much better way of handling it. Add in all the other ideas and the forum and you have a great fan site.I hated the maze in the movies Snape was a jealous envious man bent on revenge for the death of his obsession love for a woman that did not love him. Snape was still an evil man that willing served Voldemort until he killed Lilly. Dumbledore is not his friend and Dumbledore was using Snape as a tool and knew he wanted to help avenge Lilly’s death and was only trusted because of this obsession.

  2. At Hagrid’s hut, I think it is the 3rd zoom in, there is a key on the floor at the door of the hut. It says to keep it safe.

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