Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 16 Walkthrough

In moment 1 of chapter 16 within the first level of zoom, you can pick up Herpo the Foul Chocolate Frog Card.

In the third level of zoom, you can pick up Castor Oil.

Also in the third level of zoom you can pick up 5 galleons.

There does not appear to be items in moment 2 or 3 (if you find anything please let me know in the comments).

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47 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 16 Walkthrough

    • after the chamber opens you unlock J.K. Rowling’s chapter on the Chamber of secrets history.

  1. Do you Not Think it weird That in Book 2 Chapter 16 Moment 2 , you can Only See Two Figures ( Harry & Ron ) Whe there are meant to be three ( Harry, Ron & Proffessor Lockhart ) ?

    • It’s really funny in the movie when he lost his memory, ‘Do you live down here?’ *Ron cracks him upside the head with rock and Lockhart falls back*

  2. At moment one on the first level of zoom click on the note in hermiones hand for a closer look to read what it says. It’s not an item but it’s still quite a fun extra thing :)

  3. In Moment 3, after clicking on the wand and opening the Chamber of Secrets, I accidentally tapped one of my arrow keys, and I opened up info from J.K. Rowling about the Chamber of Secrets.

  4. In moment three, zoom level two, click on Harry’s wand to light up the room, then click on the left snake’s eye to open the doors. Opening doors unlocks new content about the Chamber of Secrets.

  5. In the third moment if you click on Harry’s wand it opens the door with the two entwined snakes and it unlocks notes from J.K. Rowling on the Chamber of Secrets

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