Mech Mice has tweeted on Twitter a sneak peek of the upcoming Mech Mice trailer! – it looks like a “Dark Union”.



The wait is almost over! I’m looking forward to Mech Mice, are you?


The Mech Mice recently released a new video on their Youtube Channel which mentions aobut what Mech Mice is about and what they plan to do in the future. It also mentions how you fight, who you fight with “Dark Union”. It’ll be a turned based game.

Check out the video below:


The Mech Mice team have showed us a lot of sneak peeks recently. This includes: Level Sneak peeks, new enemies, GUI prototype and a brand new video coming soon!

Wow a lot of sneak peeks this month! – I’m getting excited, as we are aware the beta testing will open this Summer! – Are you excited?!


Mech Mice has tweeted about a new team member on Mech Mice:

Sweet, what some amazing sketch sneak peeks. If you noticed they added a moose and the only ‘moose’ I know is someone called ‘Businesmoose’ who used to be apart of Club Penguin, the game that Lance Priebe (the creator of Mech Mice) and also Screenhog. If you’ve noticed on the Club Penguin Blog, you would of heard that one of the main bloggers for the game ‘Businesmosse’ resigned at Disney Club Penguin. It’s a reason to believe that he has resigned at Club Penguin along with Rsnail and Screenhog to combine together on Mech Mice?! – What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Mech Mice recently said on Twitter that we will be able to reserve a username for the game and it will also be made available during the beta testing. They said this:

That’s fantastic! – What username will you be reserving?

Mech mice have also announced that they are working on a official trailer for the game, they said this:

If you follow Lance Priebe, the owner of Rocketsnail and the creator of Mech mice, he said on his twitter account that there should be an ‘epic narrator’ like in the 90’s movies. This is what he said:

What do you want to see in this trailer? I’m looking forward to the trailer as I know it’ll be really epic!


The Mech Mice team have released the time period of when the beta for Mech Mice will be released.  Mech Mice is being created by Rocketsnail and Hyper Hippo Games and going on their website it was found that the beta will be released in Summer 2013. The official Mech Mice Twitter account confirmed the news too!



They also mention that premium content will be available to purchase. We’ll have to find out this Summer! – Are you looking forward to playing Mech Mice?


Mech Mice released a sneak peek which is related to the new unit called Grunt. Take a look:


Here are the stats:

  • Health: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weapon: Standard Blaster
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Medium

What do you think of this unit? He looks pretty awesome!



Mech Mice released a sneak peek of an update showing us what type of mice we might be able to get as an avatar on the game. The type of mice unit they are showing us is the Commander. The sneak peek also shows the main attributes.

The Mech Mice Commander:
  • Health:Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weapon: Assault Blaster
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Medium
Blaster- Assault Rifle:
Game look:
Looks great don’t you think? Let us know in the comments what you think!

Today, the Mech Mice team released a sneak peak of this week’s unit. Here is what they posted:

He looks crazy! I wouldn’t want to face him on the battlefield. What do you think this unit is? Let us know in a comment!


Recently, the Mech Mice team released it’s weekly unit: the Medic. Here is what they posted about “Petra:”

Concept 1:

Concept 2:

Concept 3:

Concept 4:

That is all the concept art they posted for this week! Be sure to check back next week for a new unit in the spotlight!

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