Yesterday on the Mech Mice blog, the staff of Mech Mice posted some of the bugs that beta testers have sent them. Here is the post.

Beta Bug Report

By Mech Mice

Beta Bug Banner

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Hey guys,

Here’s the first of many bug reports the team put together for the beta test. This report will include the bugs we are aware of, bugs we have already fixed and general clarifications to help you understand the game better.

Have a read through and in the comments, let us know what you want to see in the next report. :)


Report 1 – Known Bugs

  • No Save Points, Level Select or Logout Button
  • Mice Freeze Sometimes in Level 3
  • Mice Health Bar Isn’t Working Properly
  • Characters Still Talk After Dying
  • Mice Can Walk Through Each Other
  • Bugs Sometimes Walk Onto the Hex You are On
  • Mice Appear Pink In-Game
  • Bugs and Mice can Shoot Through Obstacles
  • Mice Can Activate Towers in Level 1 When They Aren’t Close to Them
  • ‘Skip Turn’ Button Displays ‘Enemy Turn’ Even When No Bugs are Around
  • Clicking Learn More After Level 3 Doesn’t Always Work
  • Avatar Cards Block Hexes
  • Players Can Hide in the Boxes After Destroying the 3rd Spawn Hatch in Level 3

Report 2 – Fixed Bugs

  •  Screen Resolution Problem (Please Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache if You Are Still Having Any Problems)

Report 3 – Clarification


  • *Right now, finding the secret Treasure Tokens just gives you bragging rights. But soon they’ll give you lots of cool rewards for finding them. What kind of rewards? Stuff like power ups, achievements, and experience points.


  • *Green hexes mean there’s a switch you can push, red hexes mean you can attack what’s on it, and blue hexes mean you can move there.
  • You may notice sometimes there are blue hexes with dotted lines – these show you how far your unit can go if they use BOTH their Action Points to move.  And using them can even give your unit a move bonus.

Bugs are weaker in Level 3:

  • *It’s true! Well actually it’s not. Bugs are exactly the same. What’s changed however is that your mice are stronger.

Leveling Up:

  • In Mech Mice, your units will gain Experience Points as you play, and eventually they’ll level up and get more powerful. We plan for this to happen the first time, by the time you reach level 1-3 – making Blaze and Flank more powerful just before the big battle in Tumbleweed.
  •  Don’t worry, level ups will be much cooler in the final game (and will even let you customize your units a bit).


I  like how we will get rewards for find the Treasure Tokens in the future. What do you think? Post a comment with your thoughts.


Whenever you register for Mech Mice, your parents will get an email. It is basically welcoming you to the game and giving you a little bit of help. Here is the email:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 22.36.32


Incase you can’t read it, the email says:

Welcome to Mech Mice Beta

Dear Proud Parent,

You child has successfully created an account for the game Mech Mice, and is ready to help protect our world from evildoers. They’ve provided your email address so we could contact you and tell you how awesome they are. And also to make sure they have your permission.

Please keep this email in case they need to remember their account information. Even the most resourceful Mech Mouse sometimes forgets their password.

Your child can log in any time using the email: [your parent’s email]

Questions? Head over to our website for answers:

Are you enjoying Mech Mice so far? What level are you? Post a comment below.



At 12PM PST, the Hyper Hippo team released Mech Mice to beta! – You are able to play the game by going to and make sure you have Unity3D installed.

They also made a blog post saying:

A lot of you have been asking if you will get something for joining the beta… The answer is, YES! As a thank you for helping us test Mech Mice, were giving you an exclusive beta unit. Meet Beta, the grunt!


Beta is the brawler of the Founders. Brash, rude, and a bit crazy – he just isn’t happy unless he’s on the battlefield taking down bad guys. Beta is determined to be stronger, faster, better and harder than any other Mech Mouse in history.

Note his mouse-stache of power – awesome! You’ll be able to use Beta when we launch Mech Mice in the fall.

We would love to know what you think of our game! In the comments – let us know your thoughts, questions, problems and general feedback. We need your help to make this game awesome! Have fun!

I think Mech Mice is amazing! I was pretty shocked to see how amazing it looked! What are your thoughts?!


Mech Mice have posted on there website releasing the Mech Mice’s teaser trailer! Take a look:

Woah, it looks amazing! – I especially like the voiceover and the sound effects! – Mech Mice will be released for beta test on July 9th!


The website has been around for a while, yes however not to what it has changed to today. The website has now officially launched and now covers a blog about what is going on about the game, wallpapers and much more!

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 23.49.14 Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 23.49.18

It looks amazing, don’t you think?


Screenhog posted on the Mech Mice saying that they are finally announcing a date when we can test the first version of Mech Mice! – He said:

So, beta testing is less than three weeks away, but what does “beta testing” mean? It means that you’ll get the opportunity to try out the game in an unfinished form. Some things won’t be working, some of the art won’t be finished.


Why are we releasing it to be played before the game is finished? Because we need your help! We’re going to be asking you to send us everything about the game that you can think of: comments, bug reports, places where you got stuck, things that you loved. Without you, we can’t make a good game.

See you on July 9th!


This is fantastic, the first version of Mech Mice is coming! Are you looking forward to play Mech Mice?


Mech Mice has released a Sneak Peek on Twitter showing us what it will be like naming our squad, check it out:


A nice preview I personally think! – What do you think? – let us know in the comments!


Mech Mice just tweeted about the Unit Selection Screen sneak peak for Mech Mice. It shows it on a iMac and wait.. on an iPad. It looks really ‘WOW’! – I love the design, what do you think?



I was looking through Mech Mice’s videos and I noticed a comment about Mech Mice beta. ‘microchip cubed’ a YouTuber asked if beta was coming before august of this year. The Mech Mice team responded and gave details that they are planning to have Mech Mice done by July 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 23.58.11

The beta will be free for anyone to play. Are you excited, what are your thoughts? – leave a comment and let us know!


Mech Mice released a sneak peek of what it looks like when you deafeat mutant bugs! – check it out!


It looks awesome! – I really can’t wait for Mech Mice, can you?!

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