Some of us are wondering where chapter 5 for Mech Mice is. Screenhog has been busy working on the latest prototype, and another video will be available next week. Cale has been working on lots of illustrations, notably a “bar fight” illustration. Rsnail himself has been working on a new RocketSnail website.

With regards to chapter 5, the Mech Mice team has decided to make a change to chapters 1-5. All the chapters will be reposted for all to read. Many of Mech Mice’s female fans did not like Magenta, so the team decided to rewrite her character and make her Ziro’s lieutenant (second in command).

Do you think that’s a good thing to change? Do you think the story would be better that way? Let us know in the comments!


One Response to Mech Mice Chapter 5 Information

  1. Teodolinda says:

    Haha this is hardcore. Sweet art too. I had a look oruand the site to see if i could answer this but can’t find it Where will these comics be published? Here?

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