At 12PM PST, the Hyper Hippo team released Mech Mice to beta! – You are able to play the game by going to and make sure you have Unity3D installed.

They also made a blog post saying:

A lot of you have been asking if you will get something for joining the beta… The answer is, YES! As a thank you for helping us test Mech Mice, were giving you an exclusive beta unit. Meet Beta, the grunt!


Beta is the brawler of the Founders. Brash, rude, and a bit crazy – he just isn’t happy unless he’s on the battlefield taking down bad guys. Beta is determined to be stronger, faster, better and harder than any other Mech Mouse in history.

Note his mouse-stache of power – awesome! You’ll be able to use Beta when we launch Mech Mice in the fall.

We would love to know what you think of our game! In the comments – let us know your thoughts, questions, problems and general feedback. We need your help to make this game awesome! Have fun!

I think Mech Mice is amazing! I was pretty shocked to see how amazing it looked! What are your thoughts?!


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