Hey Mice! RocketSnail just posted a link to the RocketSnail blog explaining whats going on about beta.

This is what they said:

I’m sure you’re all desperately waiting for an update on the Mech Mice Beta date, so here it is. We’ve got some bad news and some good news. Lets go with the bad news first… The bad news is we need a couple more months to finish the Mech Mice Beta. The good news is that we have decided to make the game way better than ever expected.

Long story short, once we began development we quickly realized how much potential Mech Mice has and we want to make sure that we are providing our fans with a truly amazing experience. This decision does however require a bit more development time.

On behalf of the team, we are truly sorry, but we encourage you to wait just a bit longer. I promise it’ll be worth it and I will be sure to keep you updated on all of the progress along the way.

Thanks for the update Mech Mice staff I’m sure Mech Mice will be extra spectacular when it’s release in a few months time good luck. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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