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Tinkaview #67 – knm


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Tinkatolli Tricks 3 Years FLASH BACK (Evolution)!

On February 2011 Joelle & Loki Terry decided to create Tinkatolli Tricks. The website underwent major changes since then. Therefore the layout & design has changed a lot throughout those 3 years! Below, you can see a flash back from February 2011 up to 2013.

EARLY2011 copy copy

Redesign: This is the very first design Tinkatolli Tricks had. Very basic of course.

MID2011 copy

Redesign: First ‘proper’ design for Tinkatolli Tricks.

(This design was the only one made by Penguitt)

END2011 copy

Redesign: New header & thinner navbar.

(First redesign by Solsolsol89 our graphic designer & coder)

EARLY2012 copy

Redesign: New ‘open’ header and brand new widgets.

MID2012 copy

Redesign: Colourful Widgets – A new header & 2 floaters in the bottom corners.

This redesign was meant to be simpler and neater.

MID2013 copy

Redesign: New Tinkatolli Tricks logo & header – New unicolor widgets – Innovative Scroller at the top of the blog – New fonts and minor changes.

This redesign is meant to be more modern and ready for spring / summer.

We hope to continue to tweak Tinkatolli Tricks to its best form, with your support, for the next upcoming years !

What do you think of the evolution? Comment below !

Tinkaview #66 – Saris


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Tinkatolli Tricks 3rd Anniversary Summer Bash

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Hey Tinkas,

Early next year, it will be our 3rd year anniversary, 3 whole years since we created Tinkatolli Tricks and so on behalf of the Tinkatolli Tricks team, we would like to thank all the Tinkas who read our blog daily and use our Tinkatolli guides. We hope to keep bringing you the latest Tinkatolli news and guides for many more years to come.

Finally, to say a great big thank you to you all, we would like to celebrate by throwing a summer bash consisting of the giveaway of 6 1 month memberships on the blog and a party in Tinkatolli to conclude the end of the membership giveaways. We will be having a party this Friday 5th July, the time and location will be announced later this week! We hope you all participate!


The Rules

For the membership giveaways, a question will be released each day on this post on : Sunday 30th June, Monday 1st July, Tuesday 2nd July, Wednesday 3rd July, Thursday 4th July and lastly Friday 5th July at 11PM Tinkatolli Time. If you know the answer, leave a comment below with your Tinkatolli username, your e-mail address (this will be kept private) and the correct answer. The names of the Tinkas with the correct answers will be placed in a random name picker and the winner of each question will be announced . You can take part each day, there is no limit.

Note: Both the new question and the winners of each question will be announced at 11Pm Tinkatolli Time. Below are the timezones

UK & Europe

  • GMT +1 (UK & Northern Ireland) – 11PM
  • GMT +2 (Spain, Belgium, Germany) – 12 Midnight

USA & Canada

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 3PM
  • Mountain Daylight Time – 4PM
  • Central Daylight Time – 5PM
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 6PM


  • AWST – 6AM (next day)
  • WCT – 6:45 AM (next day)
  • ACST – 7:30 AM (next day)
  • AEST – 8 AM (next day)

Sunday 30th June

Question  – Which one of the following mascots can be seen on Tinkatolli?

A) Trader Tinka (Bumbleunder)   B) Rockhopper   C) Lady Gaga

Winner – rusul202 

(picture of winning)

Monday 1st July

Question – What is the brand new room in Tinkatolli called?

A) Sundunia   B) Asimov   C) The Deep End

Winner – Anutka2 

Tuesday 2nd July

Question – What can you find in Canopia?

A) Fish   B) A cafe    C) A volcano

Winner – Pa1005 

Wednesday 3rd July

Question – What do you need to be able to go to Kelp Key?

A) A boat   B) A mushroom    C) A rocket

Winner – Yawn  

Thursday 4th July

Question – Who are the founders of Tinkatolli Tricks (2 people?)

Winner – Edgehead01 

Friday 5th July

Question – How many different items can you win at Dirty Dozen? (Both member and non-member items)

A) 5 B) 6 C) 7

Winner – Myfeetcold