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How To Get Trinkets

This is a small guide on the second currency on Tinkatolli, Trinkets. This will show you how to get Trinkets and what you can do with them. Here is the Tinkatolli Trinkets Guide:

  • You can see how many Trinkets you have at the top of the screen.

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How To Get Trinkets

  • Level up – you will be rewarded with Trinkets each time you level up. – 100 trinkets
  • Memberships – if you buy a membership you will get 600 Trinkets each month.
  • Buy Trinkets Online – you can buy Trinkets online. **
  • Doing Daily Traders – trade with Trader Tinka everyday and receive 20 Trinkets!
  • Liking Pads – Receive 25 Trinkets for liking 5 TinkaPads (members).
** It costs $1.00 for 100 Trinkets. For every dollar, you get 100 Trinkets and so on if you buy them online.

What To Do With Trinkets

  • Makeables – you can create makeables in the Furniture Shop in Tinkertown & Mechanical Shop in Junkatolli.
  • Buy Clothing for your tinka!
  • Buying decorations at the Decor8 shop
  • Use them to buy seeds at Seeds Swapper.
  • Use them to buy Unusuals in the Unusuals Outlet in Tinkertown.

If you need anymore help, just comment below!

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