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‘That’s It Folks!’ – Tinkatolli Closure @Tinkatolli


We at Tinkatolli Tricks would like to say what a fantastic time we’ve all had on Tinkatolli, playing and supporting Tinkatolli over the past few years.  Joelle and I remember the beginning of the game, where we started off in beta, having to be invited, then having quests to complete, creating projects to submit in the TinkaFair, having a daily diary to submit what we did each day to earn points, then having the opportunity to play Mini Games and trade with Trader Tinka. Joelle, Sol and I had the great opportunity of contributing to Tinkatolli’s Kickstarter project to help the game.

To all of us it was a big surprise that this announcement occurred, it was hard to write this farewell post to Tinkatolli after all these years..

There is so much we can say but we promised ourselves to keep it short. So we hope that all Tinkatolli players and the staff have a great 2014.

The friendships we have made with tinkas over the years will not end and we will still communicate with you all (Twitter @LokiTerry @HausofJoelle @Solsolsol89) and our Tinkatolli blog, Tinkatolli Tricks will be remaining here and it hasn’t got any plans to leave for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Tinkatolli for everything!

[youtube width=540 height=360]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqD1VVyObGk&feature=share&list=PL521473DF422FFB7F&index=1[/youtube]

[youtube width=540 height=360]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpd87cBsf_M&feature=share&list=PL521473DF422FFB7F[/youtube]

[youtube width=540 height=360]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uh9D_AGg1c&feature=share&list=UU7jDxqKx05bS_n2co9Ntqzw&index=8[/youtube]

All membership sales and the ability to create new accounts will end December 31, 2013.

The game will remain open for the full month of January. If your membership expires before the game closes, you will still be able to play as a member until the end of January.

We know many of you will be as sad as we are about this. Despite that, we hope you have a great time in the coming month.

Login, and hang out with your friends. Talk about the fond memories. Throw a few final parties. Take screenshots of your home, Tinkas, backpack, scrapbook etc. as keepsakes!

Read the rest of the post here…

4 comments to ‘That’s It Folks!’ – Tinkatolli Closure @Tinkatolli

  • jessie2003

    🙁 I know, i was so upset when i got the email. I have so many memories and i love the way this game was like no other, you could play online and ofline! Iv’e had loads of fun on this game and i have been crying alot today. Well, i guess iv’e sent a message out to most of my friends if you find it:Aw, Man. Tinkatolli is shutting down! 🙁 Since your a great friend, is there any ohter game you play so we can stay intouch? 🙂

  • jessie2003

    Could we have a closing party? 🙂

  • XbirdCP

    Sad to see it close after so many great times… From the first time I was told about Tinkatolli by Joelle, to actually being a blogger about the game on this website, Tinkatolli has created many, many memories.