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Tinkaview #67 – knm


Joelle: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli?

knm: I like that you can use your imagination and create your own things. Also because you can collect lots of things.

Joelle: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

knm: The rooms because in each room you can see your friends and meet some new friends. You also can collect items.

Joelle: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

knm: Junkatolli because thats were you can collect items and Junkatolli is a room with alot of items.

Joelle: What do you think of the memberships?

knm: Great because you can enter more rooms and unlock more items.

Joelle: If the staff had merchandise what would you like to see?

knm: I would like to see custom tinkas.

Joelle: What do you think about makeables created by kids?

knm: Awesome because they use there imagination to create their own items.

Joelle: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

knm: I wish you can customise your own tinka egg and create your own tinka egg just like the staffs.

Joelle: What do you think of Trinkets?

knm: There ok but I would just stick to coins.

Joelle: What do you think about the levelling up system?

knm: Great because you can see your rank and try to reach higher levels.

Joelle: What clothing items do you want on Tinkatolli?

knm: I wish there are sports items.

Joelle: Thanks for your time and views!

Thanks knm!!

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