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Tinkatolli Guides

The latest Tinkatolli Guides are below:

  • How To Get Home –  Need help to find your house? – Click Here


  • How To Get To Kelp Key, Bluff’s Base, Canopia Cavern, Sunspot & Snakepit – Need help finding Kelp Key, Bluff’s Base or Canopia Cavern?- Click Here


  • How to get to Asimov – Need help going there? – Click Here


  • How To Get/Earn Coins – Want to know how to earn Tinkatolli Coins? – Click Here


  • Tinkatolli Games – Want to know what games are on the island? & What game is best? – Click Here


  • How to Get/Earn Happies – Want to know to get Happies? – Click Here


  • How to Create Makeables –  Want to know how to Create Makeables? – Click Here


  • How To Find Trader Tinka And How To Trade – Want to know how to find Trader Tinka and know how to trade? – Click Here


  • How To Unlock different Moves – Want to know how to unlock all skills? – Click Here (currently not available in-game)


  • How to Level Up – Want to know how level up? – Click Here


  • Tinkatolli Badges & How to Gain Them – List of badges and how you can get them. – Click Here


  • *NEW* Tinkatolli Clothing, Shoes & Accessories – List of Clothing, Shoes & Accessories with levels and prices – Click Here




Check back regularly to see if something has been added to Tinkatolli Guides !

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