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TinkaView #18 – LeoTheLIon

Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

LeoTheLIon: finding junk and earning blings

LeoTheLIon: blings

LeoTheLIon: and decorating Tinka Pads

LeoTheLIon: Pad

LeoTheLIon: Finding Junk and Earning Blings and Decorating TinkaPands

LeoTheLIon: Tinka

LeoTheLIon: Pads

Me: Awesome 😀

Me: What do you think about makeables created by kids?

LeoTheLIon: Joelle The MailBox is excellent

LeoTheLIon: and

LeoTheLIon: Tp Roll Bed Is Good and Aweome

Me: Awesome, I agree !

Me: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

LeoTheLIon: Canopia Because i found many organics and Trade to the Trader

Me: Yeah, I love canopia ! So Pretty !

Me: What do you think of the new Unusuals trader ?

LeoTheLIon: Good and AWESOME beacuse he trade me awesome stuff

LeoTheLIon: Like Eggs,Ring,and a Statue

Me: Yeah, soo cool !

Me: What do you think of the Dirty Dozen trader?

LeoTheLIon: Good and ok but i hate the take a chance because i lose many seeds

Me: Aw, but you can get lots of rare stuff too !

Me: What do you think of the ribbons given when you trade?

LeoTheLIon: Just ok and i decorate at my Tinkla Pad

LeoTheLIon: it is good

Me: Yeah 😀

Me: Would you buy any Tinkatolli merchandise? If so, what? 

Me: A t-shirt of tinkatolli, a plush, a cap?

LeoTheLIon: A Cap

Me: Awesome !

Me: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

LeoTheLIon: yes

Me: What would you like to see?

Me: 🙂

LeoTheLIon: Robottolli and Tikitolli

LeoTheLIon: at bluberry hill

Me: Thanks for your time !

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