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Tinkatolli Has Officially Closed

Hey Tinkas,

Sad news, Tinkatolli has officially closed. After these passed few years, it’s hard to believe that it has actually closed. I can remember so many great memories from this game — whether trading with the Trader Tinka, collecting Unusuals, or decorating my TinkaPad. I have also made countless friends from this game, who I still interact with today. But today, Tinkatolli has closed down due to the fact that it “has not grown into a sustainable business”, according to Luke, a founding member of Tinkatolli.

This is now what http://tinkatolli.com looks like:


Once again, it is very sad that Tinkatolli has closed. As stated earlier this month, we will continue to keep this website up and running, even though Tinkatolli has is gone. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

‘Tinkatolli is Closing’ Banner Added to Blueberry Hill

Hey tinkas,

I am going on Tinkatolli everyday until Tinkatolli is closing to get the most of the amazing game. While on today I saw they added a ‘Tinkatolli is Closing’ banner to Blueberry Hill. Here is a picture of it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 19.14.42

Make sure to submit your best Tinkatolli Memories to here or here. We accept all drawings, screenshots, videos or anything else to do with Tinkatolli!

@UOVOApps – Meebitz!

Hey Tinkatolli players! – I know some of you are sad that Tinkatolli is closing however that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and play other apps that Kevin, Luke & Konrad create. They’ve had a company called ‘UOVO‘ which they’ve had for a long time (before Tinkatolli!) and they are getting it back into action! – They are using the enthusiasm and energy they put into Tinkatolli and are now making apps.

They have a brand new app which was just released a few days ago called Meebitz!


Here’s the description:

Hurry! Hurry! Snatch all the coins and candy from the mischievous Meebitz before they turn into Meebit Monsters!
Tap away in this delightfully addictive game that is jam-packed with whacky fun!


· Collect combos and bonuses.
· Earn coins to buy boosts.
· Unlock new missions.
· Replay missions to improve your score and earn more coins.
· Compete with friends! Each mission has its own leaderboard.
· Awesome graphics and whacky creatures
· Addicting pace & rewarding gameplay!

I have been addicted to this app, you must be quick and collect the Meebitz! – you have several objectives that you are given and you have to achieve that within that level. There is currently 4 missions, within each currently have 4/5 levels. I play this on my iPad, although it’s designed for the iPhone, it sure looks great on my retina iPad!

Here are a few screenshots from my iPad!

photo 1

photo 2

Click here to download the app and try it out, it’s a fantastic app! – it’s also free!

Tinkatolli Memories

Hi tinkas!

A few days ago we gave you the sad news of Tinkatolli’s closure. It will be closing on the 31st January. We want you to share some of your best Tinkatolli Memories. You can share videos, photos, drawings or anything you made for Tinkatolli. You can click here to view the page. To submit a memory you can post a comment on this post or here. We want to get lots of memories so submit as many as you can. You will still be able to post memories after Tinkatolli is closed. You can upload photos to Imgur or Tinypic and then post the link here!

Make sure to submit all your memories by comment below!