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Tinkatolli Has Officially Closed

Hey Tinkas,

Sad news, Tinkatolli has officially closed. After these passed few years, it’s hard to believe that it has actually closed. I can remember so many great memories from this game — whether trading with the Trader Tinka, collecting Unusuals, or decorating my TinkaPad. I have also made countless friends from this game, who I still interact with today. But today, Tinkatolli has closed down due to the fact that it “has not grown into a sustainable business”, according to Luke, a founding member of Tinkatolli.

This is now what http://tinkatolli.com looks like:


Once again, it is very sad that Tinkatolli has closed. As stated earlier this month, we will continue to keep this website up and running, even though Tinkatolli has is gone. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

4 comments to Tinkatolli Has Officially Closed

  • Dhi228

    Feeling sad that it closed :'(

  • ILoveIPad825

    *sigh*, it is closed? I haven’t played tinkatolli in a while since they never updated. Now that i am almost 12, i am so sad that it is closed and i am disappointed it didn’t close after my birthday. I found tinkatolli as a random type and i found this website called tinkatolli. But there is lots of questions we might have, why did tinkatolli closed, why was there no updates from the past like about 6 months, do they not care about us, or what are the tinkatolli cheats and the tinkatolli managers going to do for their life. Well, we won’t know because it is none of our business and it might seem rude, but we will really never know unfortunately. I really did wish that they never really left us to hang and i wish that i was never busy. I know this is really late and by now nobody is online. But, i hope all of you guys have a nice day and of course tinkatolli on. Good-bye guys forever :(.

  • Dhi228

    Hey guys. Just wondering… is Meebitz available on the App Store for iPad?