MiniMonos 20 “Go Gifts” xPowers Promo Code

Banantastic posted a Promo Code on there Twitter! – If you use the Promo Code …


Promo Code: GOGITS

You will receive 250 Banana Chips and 20 Go Gifts xPowers on MiniMonos!

To get the 20 GOGIFTS xPowers & 250 Banana Chips all you need to do is:

  • Log on to MiniMonos and be in-game
  • Click on your monkey and click on the button “Code” (which is at the top of your monkey profile)
  • Enter the code “GOGIFTS” and then you will get this message.
  • Congratulations! – you now have 20 GOGIFTS xPowers and 250 Banana Chips! – Make sure you tell monkeys about this!
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2 Responses to MiniMonos 20 “Go Gifts” xPowers Promo Code

  1. lala says:

    Where do I enter my code? Thanks!!

    • Loki Terry says:

      Login to MiniMonos and go on a server. Click on your monkey and then you will see a button called “Code”, then you enter the code “GOGIFTS” and then click the button to enter. You will then have 20 GOGIFTS xPowers 🙂

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