The Red Hello Kitty has returned to Bearville! Visit her in Town Square for a free item!

After clicking on her, you will receive a free Hello Kitty Chair! Take a look:

Just in time for Valentines Day, don’t you think? Do you think Bearville will have anything interesting for Valentines Day? What do you think they will have? Tell us your predictions!


As mentioned in last week’s Bearville Times, the Bearville Jr. CyBearGuide convention started on January 11.

It appears that if you visit Bearville 4 times (on 4 different days), you will get a free prize.

As this is only the second day, we don’t know what the prize is just yet. However, we will find out in just a few days! Are you already a Jr. CyBearGuide? If not, do you plan on becoming one? I’m not one yet, so hopefully I’ll be one soon!


As mentioned in last week’s Bearville Times (and this week’s as well), the Kisses for You Puppy quest is here!

To begin, go to the Neighborhood and talk to the Kiss For You Puppy.

You will be asked to help Kiss For You Puppy find 5 hearts . Definitely!

The hearts are scattered all around Bearville. In our quest, we will have to find the 5 hearts.

The first heart can be found at the Path.

The second one can be found at Paw Park.

The third one can be found at Pawsitively Green Center.

The fourth one can be found at the Train Station.

The final one can be found at the Waterfall Train Station.

Congratulations! You have found all 5 hearts! You will now receive a free Heart Table for helping.

What do you think? Did you like the quest? I think Bearville should have quests more often! Do you think so?


Are you a Victoria Justice fan? Do you have a crush on your best friend’s brother? If so, you will be interested in the Victoria Justice events, which will be held at various Build a Bear Workshops between January 20 and January 22.

Here’s the information on the event:

Free EXCLUSIVE Victoria Justice sound when you RSVP to buy the NEW Victoria Justice Bear! Shout Out exclusively at this event. Reserve your Victoria Justice Bear today!

Basically, if you RSVP (here) before January 13 to get a Victoria Justice bear, you will receive a free, exclusive, Victoria Justice sound!

Each of these bears cost $22. If you are going to reserve this bear, you will most likely need your parent to sign up (or pretend to be your own parent). Reserving a bear only requires a full name and an email address.

Anyways, are you going to buy this Victoria Justice bear? Of course, if you do, you should definitely unlock it online!


I (Tech163) have been the person in charge of maintaining this blog for the last year, and now I’m interested in finding some people who are willing to help run this blog. Requirements:

  • Willing to learn
  • Be an active player of Build a Bearville
  • Able to write English with proper grammar and spelling
  • Willing to help out around the Bearville forum as well
  • Some prior writing experience required

If you are interested, please email a sample post to with a sample post of something you would like to post on this blog. We do not have a minimum age requirement, although we do prefer users who are at least in middle school due to the requirement of writing skills.