Cheats Whiz’s Bearville blog has been around for over a year, and at this point we feel it’s the time for our Bearville blog to close. The reason is because I (Tech163) have numerous other projects to work on, and Bearville is not my top priority at the moment.

Is Cheats Whiz Bearville closing forever? I don’t think so. Perhaps at a a later date when Cheats Whiz has more staff, we want to bring it back. Are you interested in helping us write, and perhaps keep this section updated? Send me an email at and we’ll discuss.

Until then, we will still be running blogs for various other games, including:

Until then, waddle on!


As we first mentioned about two weeks ago, you will receive free gifts if you login to Bearville often. For example, if you login in a total of 5 days, you will receive 500 bear bills!

I believe if you visit Bearville on even more than 5 days, you will receive more gifts. How many different days did you visit the convention? What did you get in return? Leave a comment and tell us!


As mentioned in this week’s Bearville Times, you can visit Town square and visit the dragon for a free item, in honor of the Year of the Dragon!

You will receive a Dragon Hat.

What do you think? You like the item? I think it’s a bit too green. Other than that, it’s pretty good!


As mentioned in the Bearville times, the Victoria Justice Bear quest is now here!

As the article says, go to the Furbulous Fashion District and talk to the Victoria Justice Bear to begin the quest.

You will be asked to help her find 5 hearts. Of course!

The first heart can be found at the U.S. Bank of Bearville.

The second heart can be found at the Lighthouse next to the rock.

The third heart can be found at the Market Place, right outside of the Lumbar Yard.

The fourth one can be found on the Recycling Center Inside.

The final heart can be found at the Sportsplex.

After you have found all 5 years, you will receive confirmation that you have.

Click complete to receive your free item.

Congratulations! You will receive a free Victoria Justice poster. I think that was a pretty good quest, especially since it didn’t take too long. Do you agree? I think occasional quests like this is a great way to receive free items!


Don’t forget to log on to Bearville so you can get the free gift for the Jr. BearGuide Convention!

I believe everyone is eligible for this gift, and you don’t have to be a Jr. CyBearGuide! Nonetheless, we will let you know more about this in a couple of days when we have received the gift!