Here’s a list of Build a Bearville codes for your enjoyment! If any of these no longer works, please leave a comment and tell me, so I can remove them from this page.

  • FREE-BEAR-BILL – 500 Free Bear Bills
  • YOUR-FREE-GIFT – Yoyo Emoticon
  • FREE-GIFT-1TEE – BVO Shirt
  • X9CN-QXF2-Y88Y – Sewing Machine & Cabinet
  • 983W-9J9R-3H6Q – Bear Ballet Frame
  • 6S87-223B-78H2 – Bear Princess Frame
  • 79T5-2N9G-9234 – Happy Bearthday Frame
  • 368F-K6KM-4V53 – Flower Fairy Frame

If you are unsure how to redeem these codes, take a look at our guide on Redeeming Codes. Do you know any codes that we haven’t listed? Leave a comment and tell me!


68 Responses to Build-A-Bearville Codes

  1. ethyn8 says:

    How can i make a bearville?


  2. bailey goodman says:

    i don’t have a furry friend and i need a code to get a condo

  3. LillyAodrable4042 says:

    Do you know any codes to get a bear

    • KiannaCool26 says:

      They dont have codes for bears; or for condos. You have to buy a build-a-bear at your local build-a-bear store, or you cannot get a bear or a condo. BTW some of the codes work! 😛

  4. michelle says:

    to get a in bear ville you just go to bear ville & build a accont

  5. tia says:

    thanks 4 the codes i got 2 to work and your website has done lots 4 me so i give u a 5 star rating **

    c u online and my name is abbetabby611

  6. cleobear107 says:

    i have a bear but it said i cant get bear cloves

    • sara says:

      you cant bye cloves for your bear in less you have store credits to get credits you go to build a bear the real store and bye a bear and enter the reciet code hope this helps add a coment if it dosnt and you dont have to bye a new bear if you steal have the reciet for your bear

  7. matty-star says:

    i used them they really work

    • EliApril11 says:

      the very first code does not work. it says it has already been used. that would have been awesome though!!!

  8. Eve2hip2274 says:

    you cant get cheats to get a condo or a bear! but i think this code works but i cant renember what it does! 2468-abcd-1357-efgh hope it works!!

  9. Lexibubblebear45 says:

    You cant get a code or a cheat to have a cub condo you have to buy it your self because if someone doesn’t wanna give it away thats just too bad

  10. funnybunny4326 says:

    It Doesnt work 🙁

  11. LOL :) says:

    If you need some extra money just make a new bearville add them as your friend than send the money as mail. You will get $1000 each time. Good Luck!!

  12. layla says:

    you need a bear for a condo i dont know any codes

  13. layla says:

    doesnt work

  14. Jessica says:

    guys heres a cheat thing go in sportsplex and clikc on the panda and lie about the fitness and nutriton quiz just 2 get free money!

  15. molliemango says:

    i have typed up codes and they all say either this code has been used or this code has expired!

  16. laura says:

    omg isnt there any that arent used

  17. val.e3row says:

    can you give codes that didn’t expire in the your 2011?

  18. KK123 says:

    where do you put the codes in for like the cheats and stuff

  19. jaden says:

    u can go to the sportsplex click on the panda and when he say the fitness and nutriton quizand press yes then click all check marks then u get 100 bear bills :)…

  20. Hailey says:

    It won’t let me use them it says,” This code has alradey been used”.

  21. Spark says:

    if you go to the entrance click on the hole thats in the tree to get to a tree house! B-D

  22. KellySnowBear143 says:

    Only the 2nd and 3rd codes work for me…? :/

  23. jAY says:

    Seriously , these are all the codes ? LAME 😛

  24. kenya says:

    i already have those do you got any other ones

  25. nikki says:

    i will try them today!! any one want to be friends my user name is QueenButterCup16.

  26. nikki says:

    hey peoples i have a cheat for 300 bear bills a day.go to the sportsplex get a 100 there than get 200 by plaaying that game in the hiddin room at the pofming arts place
    oh and wacth my you tube vids on how to make 20,000 bear bills like in thiredy min

  27. princessbearfun123 says:

    my bearville username is Princessbearfun123. Please Please send a friend request to me if you can! 🙂

  28. daw says:

    u rock

  29. qwerty says:

    Where do you enter the codes anyway?

  30. JOESUPERSTAR6 says:


  31. KaylaCuddles579 says:

    Is there any more codes than these?

  32. sara says:

    how do you cheat to get bearbills

  33. Mimi says:

    thank you for the codes all but the first one worked, by the way if the number is downbelo it meanes it is a lower case

  34. Caitlin says:

    i need code for bear

    • Lillianna says:

      There is no codes for bears you have to build a bear at build-a-bear workshop near you (or far as long as in your country) 🙂

  35. Ali says:

    I have a cheat thing. Go to the fishing place and fish and you’ll get a prize every day

  36. shannon says:

    do we type the code in champ?

  37. abbyangel28454 says:

    i need a code for the condo and bear

  38. abbyangel28454 says:

    where are the codes

  39. princesspink1205 says:

    i have a bearville its pawsome i ment awsome i’m beary sorry with my spelling corrections to make one go on build a and click on games and you will see chloerocks with her bear its nice 0:)<8]8

  40. Madisonmay1088 says:

    Add me madisonmay1088 and also click on bearamy at town squere and go trick or treating. ive got quite a few sweets from it:):)

  41. STARVANILLA222 says:

    I know some hiding places if you want, click on the cat picture in the coffe shop or at the entrance click on the hole in the tree on the other side of the bridge or jump on the trampoline in the town square! To put your codes you haveto go to the workshop in bearville press on Champ the bear and enter your web code! But some are expired or don’t work…

  42. star1223 says:

    that is nit going to work because i did all of what you said so ya shut up ohh!

  43. jenna2hp2578 says:

    there is no codes what work !
    i was looking forward to it but welldone thx for chatting lol 🙂

  44. jenna2hp2578 says:

    hi add me on bearville im always on it!

    its a great game lol
    how old are u

  45. madison says:

    i need a key code

  46. Cayla says:

    R their anymore bear codes?

  47. sara says:

    how do you get hello kitty stuff o n bear ville

  48. emily says:

    there are no codes for condos sorry you have to buy one

  49. abbyangel28454 says:

    hoe do you get a free cub condo