As mentioned in the Bearville times, the Victoria Justice Bear quest is now here!

As the article says, go to the Furbulous Fashion District and talk to the Victoria Justice Bear to begin the quest.

You will be asked to help her find 5 hearts. Of course!

The first heart can be found at the U.S. Bank of Bearville.

The second heart can be found at the Lighthouse next to the rock.

The third heart can be found at the Market Place, right outside of the Lumbar Yard.

The fourth one can be found on the Recycling Center Inside.

The final heart can be found at the Sportsplex.

After you have found all 5 years, you will receive confirmation that you have.

Click complete to receive your free item.

Congratulations! You will receive a free Victoria Justice poster. I think that was a pretty good quest, especially since it didn’t take too long. Do you agree? I think occasional quests like this is a great way to receive free items!


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