In the latest version of the Bearville Times, they mention visiting Bearemy on January 1 for a free item. Well, 2012 is here, so hop over to Town and click on Bearemy!

You will receive a 2012 top hat!

Giving us two free items is a GREAT way to start off a brand new year (the other item is the 2012 cake). Are you excited? What do you think will come to Bearville this year? Leave a comment and let me know!


Happy new year! Upon visiting Bearville in this new year, you will receive a 2012 cake!

Hopefully, 2012 will be a great year. Just as we’ve done in 2011 and the last few months of 2010, we will continue to bring you the BEST Bearville Cheats. Check back on our blog often, and be sure to join our forum!


Build a Bear Workshop has voluntarily recalled the Colorful Hearts Teddy, model number 017107. The reason for the recall is that this bear utilizes substandard fabric, which can tear around the eye, possibly resulting in the eye falling out causing a potential choking hazard.

Those who own this bear should bring it to their local Build a Bear Workshop. The bear can be exchanged for a coupon for any available animal in BABW. For older kids who know better than to choke on an eye, this recall is just an opportunity to get a different (or more expensive) item from BABW if they weren’t satisfied with the Colorful Hearts Teddy.


Last week’s Bearville Times talked about the new sweet treat and FREE gift from the Bake Shop starting December 26. Upon visiting the Bake Shop, you will receive a free White Chef’s Hat.

Upon logging into Bearville, you may be offered to visit the Bake Shop. Of course!

Congratulations! You will receive a free White Chef’s Hat for visiting the Bake Shop.


Sorry for being a bit behind on the Bearville Elf Quest. To solve Day 3 of the elf quest, visit the elf at the train station. He will provide you with a brand new clue:

If you think about the word “track” in the clue, you will realize it has two meanings. It can mean “stay on track” as in to keep focus, or to stay on track as a reference to the train track. For day 3, it is the latter. You can find the gift at Waterfall Train Station.

Once again, apologies for being a bit late on the posting. I will try to cover as many of the 12 days as I can. Regardless, you will receive 100 bear bills for completing this!