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The Quest For The Cavern Crystal

Hey Tinkas,

Here’s a small guide to help you find the Cavern Crystal.

How do I start?

  • Your scroll to begin the Quest For The Cavern Crystal will appear in a bubble once you collect all the blueberries on Blueberry hill.

  • You can also see it in the Quest tab at the bottom left of your screen.

  • You can also begin the Quest by going to Canopia with your map and clicking on the Quest Emporium (on the top right of Canopia)

Your First Assignment

  •  The scroll will open showing your first assignment.


  • You will have to fill up your energy bar, you can do this by feeding your tinka.
  • Eat as many blueberries you can to fill your energy bar, which is at the top of your screen (just click on the blueberry to eat it)

  • After filling up your energy bar, you will have earned the Berry Good Start badge and some Tinkapoints.

  • A bubble with a quest will appear next to you, click on it for your next assignment.

Your Second Assignment

  • The scroll will open with your second assignment.

  • You now have to collect 50 Blings to get the magnifying glass.
  • You can get blings by just walking through them. Open the map to go to other rooms to collect Blings.

  • After collecting 50 Blings, you will have gained the Teleportation skill.

  • Teleportation lets you use the magnifying glass then double click on any area to get there faster.

  • You will then see another bubble which will give your your next assignment.


 Your Third Assignment

  • The scroll will open with your next assignment.

  • You now have to find your home.
  • Go to Canopia, by clicking on the map.

  • Put an acorn on the white spoon, by dragging it from your organics section in your bag or from the grass.

  •  Go inside.
  • You will have gained the Home Sweet Home badge.

  • Feed the worm flowers from the organics section in your bag by dragging the flowers to it.

  • Click on the elevator to go up.

  • You will now see your Tinkapad and a bubble with a scroll
  •  Click on the bubble for your fourth assignment.

Your Fourth Assignment

  • The scroll will open with your fourth assignment.

  •  You need to find 5 different pieces of red seaglass.
  • Once you see one, click on it.

Canopia : –

  • You can find one in Canopia.

Sundunia :-

  • You can find one in Sundunia.


  •  You can find one in Tinkertown.

Stinkatolli :-

  • You can find one in Stinkatolli.



 Junkatolli :- 

  •  You can find one in Junkatolli.

  •  After having collected all 5 pieces of seaglass, go to Canopia.
  • Click on the Genie :

  • Click on “Trade Now.”
  • You will have received the “Sea Glass Hunter” badge.

  •  Click on your profile to take a look at the badge.


  • A bubble with a scroll will appear, click on it for your fifth assignment.

Your Fifth Assignment


  •  The Scroll will open with your fifth assignment.

  •  You will need to find the Cassi Seed and then plant it.
  • To find the Cassi Seed, click on your map, go to Stinkatolli.
  • Click on the magnifying glass on the left bottom of your screen.
  •  Now double click near the spikey plant.

  •  Click on the Cassi Seed and go to Canopia.
  • Go back to your home.
  • Once inside your home, feed the glow worm an organic.
  • Drag the Cassi Seed from the unusuals section of your bag to the ‘Plant Here’ sign.

  • Feed the glowworm organics for 2 days and the seed will grow into a flower.
  • You will see a bubble with a scroll in it, click on it for your sixth assignment.

Your Sixth Assignment

  • A scroll will open with your sixth assignment.


  • You have to keep feeding your glowworm organics for 2 days to care for your plant.
  • While you wait, collect 150 Blings for the Woot Wiggle skill (you will need it)
  • After 2 days, you will have gained the Cassi Flower Bage and your Cassi Plant will have grown into a beautiful, orange flower.


  • Click on the Cassi Plant.
  • Click on the Scroll for the seventh assignment.

Your Seventh Assignment

  • The scroll will open with your seventh assignment.


  • You have to find Asimov (you will need to have collected 150 Blings for the Woot wiggle dance)
  •  Click on the map and go to Stinkatolli


  •  Find the stone with a flower carved into it by using the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of the screen, then double clicking on the area.


  •  Look for the Cassi Flower in your unusuals section of your bag.
  • Drag the flower onto the carved stone.



  • The flower will glow and a dancefloor will appear.

  • Walk to the middle of dancefloor then click on your skills button.

  • Click on the Woot Wiggle dance.


  • A red light will then suck you into Asimov.


  • You will  get the Asimov Badge.



  • You should have arrived in Asimov, which is full of Blings. Collect them.

  • You will see a knife which you need to make the S.S. Milk in the Mechanical Shop.
  • Click on the knife, click ‘Plant Seeds’ and click on it again.

  • A bubble with a scroll should appear.


  • Click on the bubble for your eighth assignment.

Your Eighth Assignment

  • A scroll will open with your eighth assignment.


  • Now you have to find the Cavern Crystal.
  • You have to find Canopia Cavern which in Bluff’s Base.
  • Before you start, you have to make sure you have built a boat in the Mechanical Shop in Junkatolli.

You will need 300 Trinkets, a knife (Asimov), 2 corks (Junkatolli) , 6 popsicle sticks (Sundunia) and 1 milk carton. Look around the main rooms for other items.

  • Once you have found all the items, click on ‘buy this blueprint’

  • Once you’ve made the boat, go to Canopia.
  • Walk up to the bridge.

  • drag your boat from your bag in the Makeables section  and place it on the water beside the bridge

  •  You will then have arrived at Windy Ways.
  • Click on the brown key at the very top to get to Bluff’s Base.

  • You have now arrived at Bluff’s Base.
  • Walk up to the area which has a big rock on it.



  •  Click on your Skills tab and click on the Jumper skill.

  • After landing on the cliff, walk up to the broken piece of brown rock.


  • Click on your smilies tab.


  • Click on the smiley of the arrow pointing down.


  • The rock should move and a hole should appear. Double click on it to get inside it.
  • You will get the Canopia Cavern badge.


  • You have now arrived in Canopia Cavern and found the Cavern Crystal, woot!

  •  Click on the crystal to keep it.
  • You should’ve gained the Cavern Crystal badge.

  •  After that, click on the very last, scroll.

  • The scroll should open up, saying that you’ve completed the quest and have become a regular Indiana.

Congratulations on completing the first quest!

Well that’s the complete guide for the quest so far, good luck completing the first few assignments! If there’s anything you want explained further, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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