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Tinkatolli TinkaFair & Tinkatolli Scrapbook Guide

Hey Tinkas,

This is a small guide to the Tinkafair on Tinkatolli and a Tinkatolli Scrapbook Guide.

  • You can submit your creations, whether it’s art, craft or a makeable you have made and uploaded in your scrapbook in the Tinkafair in Sundunia.
  • Once they are accepted by Tinkatolli, other Tinkas are able to “like” your creation.
  • If you get enough likes your creation may be nominated. If your creation has the most votes it will be built into Tinkatolli.
  • To submit your creation, you have to click on any section in your scrapbook whether it’s Mover, Thinker, Giver or Maker by clicking on one of the colored tabs on the right side.
  • As you can see below, I have 9 makeables which have been submitted to the Tinkafair.

  •  After doing that, you have to click on the add/upload button,
  • Give your creation a title at the top and write on the description the items used.
  • Then click on the “upload from computer” tab at the bottom.

  •  After searching for it on the computer click on “Save.”
  • You will get a certain amount of points and then you will have the option of submitting it to the tinkafair.
  •  Click on “yes” to submit it.

  •  Your creation will now have a badge in the bottom left corner stating it’s been submitted to the fair.


If you need anymore help, just leave a comment !


9 comments to Tinkatolli TinkaFair & Tinkatolli Scrapbook Guide

  • i got 6 oks to tinkafair but dont have tinkafair 5 yet help!

  • ILoveIPad825

    What is the maximum number you can post your creations?

    • Tinkarobert97

      You get unlimited in your scrapbook if your a member and a certain amount each month if your not.

  • ayleen

    Joelle how will i put stuff in tinkafair i puted stuff in my scrabebook and i will go to tinka fair and ill see my creation but how will i see it?? and i posted 3 things and then i cant do more in a mounth plz help me how will i find my creation of scrabebook in tinkafair??


    • Joelle

      When did you upload to the tinkafair, today? And did you click to submit to the tinkafair when you uploaded it?

  • dottie2

    I am a member and I posted a picture and it came up the next day so i only had one. But i posted some other things but they never came up for months and they are still not here?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dottie2 😀

    • Tinkarobert97

      If your referring to Tinka Fair then it’s because each entry has to be approved. For example spam entries etc.

  • chilioella

    Hey ! I really need help because I uploaded my creation to my scrap book and saved it. I then clicked on edit and there was a button that said upload to tinka fair so I clicked on it ( because that’s what I want to do ) but it wouldn’t stop loading I waited for about half an hour and then just gave up and closed the tab ! Please help I really want to upload it to the fair D: !!! Thanx