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How To Unlock Different Moves – Tinkatolli Skills

Hey Tinkas,

I bet some of you are wondering what to do with blings. Blings help you unlock certain moves on Tinkatolli. Here’s a little guide to get help you!

  • You need Blings to unlock all the different moves. They are these small, white balls that you will see across the Island.
  • All you have to do is walk up to them to collect them.


  • You will see how many blings you currently have at the top of your screen.

  • As you can see, I’ve got 66568 Blings and I’ve already unlocked all the different moves with it.

Tinkatolli Skills

  • To collect all 6, you have to get up to 8000 Blings, which will unlock Zoom, Flapper, Woot Wiggle, Jumping, Shuffle Hustle, Double Jumping, Flopper, and lastly, Flipper ! Here’s a list of how many blings you need to unlock them all :

50 Blings = Zoom (Magnifying Glass)

100 Blings = Flapper

150 Blings = Woot Wiggle

300 Blings = Jumper

2000 Blings = Shuffle Hustle

1000 Blings = Double Jumper

5000 Blings = Flopper

8000 Blings = Flipper

10,000 Blings = 10K Blinger badge

20,000 Blings = 20K Blinger badge

50,000 Blings = 50k Blinger badge

100,000 Blings = 100k Blinger badge

200,000 Blings = 200k Blinger badge


  • You will get badges for unlocking each move. For a list of badges – CLICK HERE
  • Blings also give you Tinkapoints.


Good luck unlocking them all! :]


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