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Tinkatolli Trinkets & New Level Up System Information

Hey Tinkas,

Kevin has posted some important information regarding the Trinkets, a second currency and the new levelling up system which will both be released very soon on Tinkatolli. You can check out the post by clicking on here.

Hello Tinkas,

The new level up system is almost compete, so we thought it was time to tell you about some of the other big changes that are on the way.

Up until this point, we have had a couple of different currencies in Tinkatolli:

Used to collect junk and buy Unusuals. This will not change.

Used to buy Makeables.
In the new level up system, TinkaPoints will no longer be used to get Makeables, they will only be used to level up.

Introducing Trinkets
Since Tinkapoints are no longer a currency, we are introducing a new currency – Trinkets. It will change a lot of things for the better.

What are Trinkets used for?
Trinkets will be used for many, many things. With Trinkets you can buy Makeables, Unusuals and Seeds. But this is just a beginning.

We will be adding more things quickly, such as extra rooms for your pad, Tinka features, junk that you don’t want to look for, clothing for your Tinka (yes, we have been convinced by the many, many players who want this) and more.

How do I get Trinkets?
There will be 3 ways to get Trinkets:

1. LevelUp
Each time you level up you will be rewarded with Trinkets

2. Subscriptions*
In addition to the Trinkets they get from leveling up, subscribers will be given an allowance of Trinkets every month.

*Memberships will now be called Subscriptions, and Members – Subscribers.

3. Buy Trinkets online
You will be able to buy Trinkets on our site. You can pay as little as $1.00

Why Trinkets? Why not just use seeds?
It is very hard to control the amount of seeds that are in Tinkatolli. Some players have earned hundreds of thousands of seeds playing games and some have earned very few. Every time we introduce a new game, or change a game, there is the risk that it rewards an over abundance of seeds.

Since you can only get free Trinkets by leveling up, there will be much more equality among players and we can make sure the prices of things in the game don’t get inflated.

What happens to Seeds and the Unusuals Outlet?
Seeds will continue to play an important part in Tinkatolli. They will be used to collect junk and buy some of the Unusuals in the Unusuals Outlet. You will also be able to buy seeds with Trinkets, if you do not want to earn them in games.

When will clothing and other cool stuff be released?
We don’t have specific times, but as soon as possible.

Current Memberships, Subscriptions and Trinkets

I thought extra rooms and Tinka features were subscriber-only?
One of the biggest changes is that fewer things are going to be subscriber-only. We want to open the game up for everybody. Trinkets will let us do this. Subscribers will still have access to a lot more in the game because they will have a lot more Trinkets and some subscriber-only benefits. But if a non-subscriber wants to save the Trinkets they earn from leveling up in order to get a robot or an extra room in their home, they will be able to do this.

Is this good for Subscribers?
Yes it is. Subscriber will still have benefits like double bling and free access to Mudpatch, plus they will get an allowance of Trinkets every month. But the coolest thing is that you get to keep the things you buy with Trinkets, even after you stop being a subscriber. This counts for everybody. When you buy something with Trinkets, you get to keep it forever.

I am a current member. What changes?
We want to make sure that the move to the new system is as smooth as possible for our members. Because the way players get Makeables is changing, we are offering something special to our current members.

Makeable Credits for current members
If you have a membership when we move to the new system you will be given 60 credits that can be used to buy Makeables. 1 credit can be used to purchase any 1 Makeable. This means that you can make one of every Makeable in the shops without using any of your Trinkets and still have credits left over.

You keep your makeable credits for as long as you are a member. If you cancel your membership you will no longer have credits. You can then use Trinkets to get Makeables.

Tinka Pad for current members
If you have a membership when we move to the new system you will be able to keep your extra pad. You will not have to pay Trinkets for it and it will not be taken away when your membership expires.

What happens to the Tinka features you get with the current membership?
This part stays the same. Current members will have access to all Tinka Features for as long as they are Subscribers. When their subscription expires, they loose access to these features. BUT any features you buy with Trinkets are yours to keep, for as long as you play.

What else do Subscribers get besides Trinkets?
Subscribers will get many benefits on top of the monthly Trinket allowance. Subscribers get access to all Tinka Features, free access to the Mudpatch and free submission to the Tinka Fair (eventually we will let non-members do these things in exchange for Trinkets). Members will also get double blings in rooms, which helps you level up faster.

What if I use all of my Trinkets for a month?
We have tried to design the Trinket allowance for subscribers so that you will be able to get most of what you want, when you want it. If you go on a spending spree, you may run out of Trinkets. You can get more Trinkets by leveling up- or you can wait until the next Trinket allowance is paid out. If you are the type of player who likes to use a lot of Trinkets every month, then you can always buy more on our site.

If I am not a Subscriber can I still get extra Trinkets?
Yes, you can buy extra Trinkets at any time on our website. You do not have to be a Subscriber to do so.

If you have more questions please ask away. We are trying to prepare an FAQ to put on the site for when we launch the new system.


What do you think of it?

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