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Tinkatolli Easter Membership Giveaway

Happy Easter Tinkas!

Since it’s Easter, we have decided to give away 5 Tinkatolli 1 month memberships. Each day, a 1 month Tinkatolli membership coupon will be given away to a very lucky Tinka on : Sunday 1st April 2012Monday 2nd April 2012Tuesday 3rd April 2012Wednesday 4th April 2012 and Thursday 5th April 2012.

The Rules

Each day, a question will be posted on this post. If you have the answer to the question, leave a comment below with the answer, including your e-mail address (this will be private) and your Tinkatolli username.

If your answer is correct, we will put your name in a random name generator so it’s fair on everyone. You can take part each day, no matter if you’ve already taken part in a previous one.

Every day for the next 5 days, we will be announcing a question and a winner at 11PM Tinkatolli Time. The dates for the giveaway are mentioned above. Here are the timezones:

UK & Europe

  • GMT (UK & Northern Ireland) – 11PM
  • GMT +1 (Spain, Belgium, Germany) – 12AM

USA & Canada

  • Pacific Daylight Time – 3PM
  • Mountain Daylight Time – 4PM
  • Central Daylight Time – 5PM
  • Eastern Daylight Time – 6PM


  • AWST – 6AM
  • WCT – 6:45AM
  • ACST – 7:30AM
  • AEST – 8AM
  • ACDT – 7:30AM
  • AEDT – 8AM
Timezone not listed? – Click here

Saturday 31st March 2012

Question – What container is usually filled with goodies on Easter?

A) Wheel barrels B) Baskets C) Frying Pans 

Winner – Victoriasmiley88 


Sunday 1st April 2012

Question – On April Fool’s Day, people usually..? 

(Happy April Fools ! Read possible answers backwards)

A) emoh yatS B) sietrap evaH C) sekoj oD

Winner – XbirdCP


Monday 2nd April 2012

Question – What is decorated for the Easter Holiday?

 A) Dogs B) Pumpkins C) Eggs

Winner – Dhi228


Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Question – What 2 animals are related to Easter?

A) Chicks and lambs  B) Penguins and cats C) Lions and tigers

Winner – Cookiemonster 


Wednesday 4th April 2012

Question – What kind of hunts are usually done on Easter?

A) Fox hunts B) Dinosaur hunts C) Egg hunts

Winner – Edgehead01

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