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Top 10 Trader Tinka Ribbons Winners #17

Tinkatolli has announced the latest Top 10 Trader Tinka Ribbons Winners of Tuesday 14th February’s trade.

Here are the latest Top 10 winners of the Trader Ribbon! Congrats all of you.

1. Lefty7788
2. iDylan
3. Hisup
4. penguitt
5. Dukster
6. Stef 20
7. tipski
8. tinkarobert97
9. creator
10. Cheweh

Well done also to the “Nifty Fifty”, the first 50 Tinkas who traded and received the ribbon.

Keep an eye on the Tinkazette for a heads-up on the Trader’s next appearance!

Congratulations to all the winners and the best of luck for next time!

1 comment to Top 10 Trader Tinka Ribbons Winners #17

  • Tinkarobert97

    Well done everyone, next time I will get a nifty badge to make it fair to others who haven’t got a badge yet.