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TinkaView #23 – Cherry

Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

Cherry: The people!!

Cherry: Hmm

Cherry: Also I like…

Cherry: The badges and the stuff we can do

Cherry: Like the contests

Cherry: I Also like that we can make something and vote and it gets built into tinkatolli!

Me: Yeah, that’s cool !

Me: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

Cherry: I like

Cherry: Well I like anything so Ill just say

Cherry: The tinkas ! 😮

Me: Yeah, there’s nothing not to like ! 🙂

Cherry: Correct!

Me: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

Cherry: I like Blueberry Hill

Cherry: Because

Cherry: Thats the place where you find lots of tinkas to chat with and its not boring!

Me: What do you think of the new Unusuals trader ?

Cherry: Well

Cherry: He looks like

Cherry: Everything fits him will

Cherry: i mean he fits the place

Me: Yeah 🙂 Do you like trading with him?

Cherry: Yes but its hard because I need alot of seeds xd

Me: What do you think of the Dirty Dozen trader?

Cherry: He fits the shop there too because he has yellowish eyes and a dirty mouth xD

Me: 🙂

Me: What do you think of the Trader ribbons?

Cherry: I think they are fair and I like that they added a fifty nifty! xD

Me: Yeah, it’s great that most tinkas get a ribbon !

Cherry: Yes it is 😛

Me: Would you buy any Tinkatolli merchandise? If so, what kind? 

Cherry: If they are available in my state!

Cherry: I would

Cherry: buy a T-shirt

Cherry: Noo!!

Cherry: I would buy mugs

Cherry: Mugs or T-shirt because

Cherry: I like those two things xD

Me: Hehe !

Cherry: Teehee xD

Me: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

Cherry: OFC

Cherry: I imagine it like..

Cherry: Well I would seee

Cherry: new quests.. new places… LOTS of tinkas

Cherry: And I guess more features for Tinkas? :O

Me: Yeah, that sounds cool !

Me: Well, thanks for you views 😀

Cherry: Your welcome 😀

Cherry: Thanks for interviewing mee

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4 comments to TinkaView #23 – Cherry

  • Greysongirl101

    Hey Joelle or loki terry or whoever is reading this,
    I’d love to be tinkaviewed next please it would be soo cool also it would be awesome for it to be published on here and i’d like to give my point and advise on tinkatolli and when I read the tinaview with guest Cherry I thought it was pretty cool just if it has the same questions I could have some ready but if not that would be good! thanks for your time.
    Greysongirl101 Bye !D

  • Greysongirl101

    Thx can’t wait til’ is published! 🙂
    its gonna be awesome!!!
    soo many tinkas’ go on tinka tricks and there all gonna see my tinkaveiw!!
    once again thank you soo much! 🙂