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Tinkatolli Halloween Maze Released

Tinkatolli has released a new maze for Halloween, it will be around for the Halloween Season. There will be two rooms and you will have go to through the maze which is called the The Haunted Stinkarinth to get to the final room called Jack-O-Cavern. Take a look at the rooms:

You can go to this room by going to Stinkatolli. You will be able to collect blings on your way, the maze will take 5 minutes or so to complete.

Here is a video guide for the Jack-O-Cavern / Stinkarinth walkthrough:


You have to cross over the bridge to get through, click on the candy, if you dare…xDAfter walking a bit more, you will find the entrance to Jack ‘o’ Cavern, once entering you will find a lighted candle and you will get a badge and tons of candy for your Tinka to eat.

WOOT! You have now completed the maze and got some treats for your hard work!

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