100 Free Galleons on Pottermore

If you haven’t noticed already, Pottermore has deposited an additional 100 galleons for everyone in Pottermore. Here is the official announcement:

If you’ve visited Gringotts on Pottermore.com recently, you might have noticed that Pottermore.com has deposited one hundred Galleons into your vault to help you stock up on supplies.

Whether you’re restocking your potions ingredients or splashing out on a new cauldron, these extra Galleons will help you stock up ahead of the next Pottermore House Cup.

For users who were logged in when the deposit was made, please note that you may need to re-log in to Pottermore.com for the deposit to take effect.

How many galleons do you have now? I think this was a great move on the Pottermore team’s part, because many of us screw up often while making potions, and will need this additional “cash” to keep going.

Pottermore Book 2 Chapters 12-18 Walkthroughs Released

The last 7 chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have been released on the Pottermore, and we here at Cheats Whiz have prepared walkthroughs.

There are quite a few moments where I have been unable to find anything in. If you do find anything missing from those chapters, please leave a comment and let me know so we can add it to the post for the rest to see.

Pottermore Book 2 Chapters 12-18

Tomorrow, the remain chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be released on October 31 at 12PM (noon) GMT. Here is the official announcement.

Keep in mind that this is GMT, not the British Summer Time. That means if your time zone is US/Eastern, GMT is 4 hours ahead, not 4 hours ahead. That said, I’m not sure if they’re releasing at exactly 12 PM noon.

Nonetheless, as we have done before, I will again be posting all the walkthrough and cheats for the rest of book 2 as soon as the book is generally available.