*EXCLUSIVE* MiniMonos Rare Golden Scarab TShirt! – Scarab Seekers Contest!

As you know on MiniMonos, we are all still hunting for the exclusive Golden Scarab on MiniMonos! – Fresh news from the HQ with Manx saying they’ve decided to run a contest for the top Scarab Seekers on MiniMonos! – The MiniMonos team will be giving away several prizes however Manx has emailed me with a picture of one of the prizes. I’ve been told that the prize will be very rare! – so only a few monkeys in the world will get one! — yes, it’s really item that you can wear in real life.. a Rare Golden Scarab Tshirt! (many of the MiniMonos staff want it too!) — Take a look:



The contest won’t be posted on the Go Bananas Blog until later on today (New Zealand time) — so now you are aware there will be a contest for the top Scarab Seekers on MiniMonos! – get ready monkeys for some fantastic items!

Have a bananatastic day!

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