MiniMonos Mogger Highlight: MiniMonos Info

Bananatastic has posted on the Party Master blog with the new Mogger Highlight. I’m really happy that I have been in the highlight! Woot!

This is what Bananatastic had to say:

Today I was checking out all of the awesome MiniMonos fan sites and saw Loki Terry’s site, MiniMonos.Info! His site is consistantly updated with MiniMonos news each week and he has tons of helpful tutorials for monkeys who are new to MiniMonos.


Many times I see Loki Terry will have MiniMonos updates posted on his site just minutes after they’re released! He is a really hard working mogger and for that, his site is being highlighted this week! Click here and check out MiniMonos.Info.

Keep up the good work,


Thanks Bananatastic, I’m happy, woohoo!

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