MiniMonos Weekly Wonder

It’s the time of week which where Banananatastic gets curious. Last week’s Weekly Wonder asked how has MiniMonos helped YOU learn more about sustainability? Check out what Rexmonos said:

Well, this is a hard one. Minimonos has had a great impact on my life. I will be truthful. Before I started minimonos I didn’t make an effort to recycle, to help the environment. I’m sure a lot of kids out there can relate to what i’m saying. When I first came on minimonos I found it hard, because it revolved around the environment. But I quickly got the hang of it. I figured out, we have to recycle and keep the Earth clean for the future generations, because we probably wouldn’t have been happy if our ancestors took bad care of the Earth, and left us to suffer the consequences. I now know that even recycling a bottle, can make a great difference in sustaining the world, and maintaining Earth’s natural beauty. I’ve also learned that we humans pollute the Earth,without even thinking of the consequences. So I’d say, Minimonos has helped me a lot to learn about sustainability.

Wow! That was absolutelty fantastic Rexmonos, thanks! This week we want to know: What’d you think about the MiniMonos Beta Bananaza?

Leave a comment with your answer for a chance to be featured in the next Weekly Wonder!


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