@Mechmice has recently tweeted some sneak-peek pictures on their Twitter account. Their first tweet is about their studio which is in the process of being built. It looks fantastic!

The second tweet talks about getting a ride on a Guinea Pig! It says:

Mech Mice also tweeted a stream of tweets about U.R.M.s, which stands for Underground Rodent Mobilization. What does the “W” stand for? Wacky? War?


Another tweet about U.R.M.s:

They also tweeted a picture of the U.R.M. Safety Guide cover.

They then followed up on the “U.R.M. Safety Guide Cover” tweet by posting a picture of the safety instructions themselves!

Finally, the tweeted a Whiteboard Wednesday sneak-peek picture. It appears to be a small metal door, and it says either “Spawn Hatch” or “Space Hatch” beneath it.

Wow, what great sneak-peeks! What do you think? Are you excited for the beta release of the game in October? Let us know in the comments!


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