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Tinkaview #45 – School

Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

School: That it’s not only a fun virtual world it also helps you get some muscles and work offline.

Loki Terry: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

School: Offline Mover.

Loki Terry: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

School: I’d have to say Canopia or Blueberry Hill because I meet a lot of new friends at both places.

Loki Terry: Yeah, definitely a great place to meet new tinkas!

Loki Terry: The staff have now made merchandise, what would you like to see?

School: I would like to see plush Tinkas most of all.

Loki Terry: Nice idea!

Loki Terry: What do you think about makeables created by kids?

School: I think they’re awesome and a great way to let kids creativity flow.

Loki Terry: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

School: I would like to see maybe some more games and places.

Loki Terry: Yeah, that would be good to see more places on Tinkatolli.

Loki Terry: What do you think about the levelling up system?

School: I think it’s awesome and it inspires you to keep going.

Thanks School! -Awesome feedback!

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