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Tinkaview #37 – Sandano

Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

Sandano: The main thing that i like about this amazing game is that its unlike any other game you will ever come across, because its really interactive

Me: Yeah, I agree 😀

Me: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

Sandano: my favourite feature hmmm

Sandano: Its got to be that you can make your own tinka

Sandano: no tinka is the same

Me: Yeah, it’s very unique 🙂

Me: What do you think about makeables created by kids?

Sandano: Its a great way to us kids up and about, plus its great to see other peoples creations come to life. I also like the fact that we pick the makeable to be made into the virtual world

Sandano: 🙂

Me: It’s great we can have something we made built in 🙂

Me: What do you think of the Unusuals trader in Tinkertown?

Sandano: LOVE IT!!!!!

Sandano: I love trying to collect them all, and it really gives you something to work for

Me: I agree, I love to buy those awesome items 🙂

Me: What do you think of the Dirty Dozen trader?

Sandano: I think hes rotton for giving us not many seeds XD haha no just joking! I enjoy getting dozens of items to trade with him, though I have to hide behind a pillow when the doors open 😀

Sandano: Also

Sandano: its a great opportunity to try and get items that youve missed

Me: Haha yeah xD

Me: What do you think of the Trader ribbons?

Sandano: I like the competiton side of things with trader, makes it more fun! It’s also enjoyable to try and collect all the ribbons

Sandano: and the nifty fifty ribbon was a great addition for those not quite as fast.

Me: Yeah, it makes those who arent fast enough somewhat happy 🙂

Me: What do you think of the Seed Swapper in Tinkertown?

Sandano: I havn’t actually bought anything yet, as I dont really need to as I personally enjoy playing games. BUT I think it’s a quick and fast way to get seeds if your a bit behind on buying the unusuals

Sandano: so if you dont have time to play a game then just head down to the shop and get some seeds!

Me: Yeah definitely 🙂

Me: What do you think of Trinkets?

Sandano: They are a great new feature that I’m sure will come in more use in the future! I cant wait for the next batch of unusuals when there will be a shelf of unusuals you have to buy with trinkets

Me: Yeah, I think I may have to buy some !

Me: What do you think of the new level up system?

Sandano: SO SO SO much better than the old system, even though that system was good. We dont have to wait for each level we just go at our own speed. Plus I enjoy doing stuff around the island that gets me tinkapoints… which is everything XD

Me: Yeah 🙂

Me: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

Sandano: Thats such a hard question

Sandano: umm

Sandano: Definately new locations

Sandano: and

Sandano: oh yes and some pets

Sandano: i thought of maybe having insects as pets which would be really cool!

Me: Worms ! lol

Sandano: Haha pet worm yes 🙂

Me: Yeah, that’d be cool 🙂 Well thanks for your views 😀

Sandano: Thanks for the interview! really enjoyed it!

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