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Tinkaview #30 – redie2

Loki Terry: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli ?

redie2: well i like all the games

redie2: the places and the secret rooms

redie2: i also love the way you can meet new friends and go up to one hundred

redie2: 🙂

Loki Terry: Cool! 😀

Loki Terry: What is your most favorite feature of Tinkatolli?

redie2: well i like all of it but it think it is the tinka fair where you see all the things other tinkas

redie2: have made XD

Loki Terry: 😀

Loki Terry: What do you think of the Dirty Dozen trader?

redie2: i think he is a great feture of tinkatolli, i love the way you can take a chance or take seeds

redie2: i once took a chance and got an egg

Loki Terry: really! 😀 – cool!

redie2: but other times less seeds 😛

redie2: XD

Loki Terry: 🙂

Loki Terry: What do you think of the ribbons given when you trade?

redie2: i think its a great way of encouraging tinkas to trade quick so they can get the ribbon

redie2: and i love the nifty fivty ones for the runners up!!

Loki Terry: Yeah! – I agree! 😀

redie2: XD

Loki Terry: The staff have mentioned they might make merchandise, what would you like to see?

redie2: Id like to see some necalcaes with tinka tolli on them in its special form

redie2: and some little money boxes in the shape of tinkatolli

redie2: they would be really cool

redie2: also a duvet with loads of tinkas on with tinkatolli rocks at the top

Loki Terry: that sounds great!

Loki Terry: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli and why?

redie2: i think it is Canopia  cus its a place full of organics,it helps you to locate your home,

redie2: its were the trader is located and its just a chatty room full of tinkas

Loki Terry: yeah 🙂

Loki Terry: Is there anything you would like to see on Tinkatolli in the future?

redie2: well maybe more games but then really nothing else i love the way it is a surprise and the staff put

redie2: more workshops at any moment

redie2: but

redie2: maybye a new secret room

redie2: like

Loki Terry: hmm – yeah!

redie2: in a secret place

redie2: maybe in bbhill

redie2: you go though the statue…,,

redie2: im mot saying anymore about it

redie2: lol

redie2: 😛

redie2: Thx for the tinkaview 😀

Loki Terry: Thank you!

Loki Terry: Woot 😀

redie2: no thank u

redie2: lol.

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