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Tinkatolli Halloween Parties – SkeleScramble, Trick or Trivia & Spook-a-Seek

Joelle and I will be holding 4 halloween parties! – One of them will be on the Friday 28th October at 9PM – 10 -PM (Tinkatolli Standard Time), the next is Saturday 29th October at 11PM – 12 AM (TST), the 3rd party will be on the Sunday 30th October 11PM – 12 AM (TST) and on Halloween itself the Monday 31st of October at 6 PM – 7 PM (TST). To find out the Tinkatolli Standard time, you will need to login on Tinkatolli and click on the top right corner, and look for the Clock icon, that will show the Tinkatolli time at that moment.



What do I have to do?

All you have to do, is rearrange the word that it’s said and the first person to arrange it correctly and it makes sense, it will count and a point will be given.

What dates are for the SkeleScramble:

We will host the SkeleScramble on the Friday 28th of October at 9PM – 10PM (TST)

Trick or Trivia :

Trick or Trivia

All you have to do for the Trick or Trivia answer the questions that will be asked by Joelle or I. The first one to get the correct answer (and also to have the spelling correct) will be awarded a point.

What dates are for the Trick or Trivia?

We will host the Trick or Trivia parties on the Saturday 29th October 11PM – 12 AM (TST) & Monday 31st October at 6PM – 7PM (TST)


  • Spelling (the answer has to be spelled correctly)



All you have to do for the Spook-a-Seek party is to find either Joelle or me (depending who is hiding).

Rules – (Must Read!) 

  • First one to find Loki or Me (depending who is hiding) will get 5 points, in the end the one with the most points gets the best prize, we will also be awarding good prizes to second and third and little minor prizes for every Tinka who took part.
  • If you found Loki or Me (depending who is hiding) then go back to Sundunia, Loki or I will know who found us first as we will take a note.
  • If you are LOST, or it has been over 5 minutes and you can’t find Loki or I then go back to Canopia! – (Even if you can’t find Loki or I, we will return after 5 minutes to let you tinkas know that no one found either of us and we will hide somewhere else ).
  • If you don’t know what’s going on, Solsolsol9 will be at Canopia always and will inform you what’s going on.
  • If any “cheating” happens meaning if you go and find Loki before Joelle or (whoever is hiding at that time) has said “GO”, then you will not be counted if you find whoever is hiding before they are ready.
  • Depending who is hiding, I or Loki should be at Sundunia at all times.
  • We will NOT be hiding in places you will need a boat for ( Kelp Key & Bluff’s Base )
  • Don’t use the map when we move to see which room we are in!
  • You must say “FOUND” or “Found you” or something on those lines!
Let us know if you’re coming by leaving a commenting below!

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