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Private Beta Gifts Released!

All those of you who have been playing Tinkatolli since Private Beta, will now receive a few gifts from Tinkatolli. Firstly you now have the chance of getting an amazing, rare, Beta gold eggs as a gift! – The 2nd thing you will receive is a Private beta badge! – It’s only for private beta tinkas, take a look at the egg and the badge:

Egg – B Gold Egg – you will have to search for it and collect it! – The eggs will be here until the 30th.

The egg can be anywhere around the island, but this is what the egg would look like:

Private Beta Badge: – Added automatically

You will also receive soon a 1 month membership when Open Beta is out and a totem. You will now have the Playercard ribbon “I was a TinkaTester”.


What do you think of the Private Beta gifts? I think it’s very nice, I love how they’ve given us a gift for being the first to play Tinkatolli! – Make sure you get the Beta gold eggs before it goes! – if you collect them all you will get another extra super special egg.

Woooohoo!!! – These updates are amazing!!!

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