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Tinkazette Edition #44

Tinkatolli has released the 44th edition of their daily newspaper. Magical has won TinkaPad of the week. The team said:

Here is a Tinka who really lives up to their name. We were blown away by this amazing TinkaPad and it just had to be our TinkaPad of the Week. Really creative and absolutely awesome work!

TinkaPad Winner Magical:

Update: Trader Tinka Online Trader Tinka is now online offering some some cool things for us to trade however the items he wants are rare, do you want to trade?

Trader Tinka Location – (Tinkertown)

Trader Tinka’s Offer:

To get the light brown leaf & Champagne bottle top, it’s located at the top of Canopia & also the rose petal.

The egg carton box is at Junkatolli.

Traded 6:

Update: Villus Craft

I really like this TinkaPad, the inside just blows me away, it looks fantastic! – Well done Magical!

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