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TinkaView #7 – Flintzy

I had the opportunity to speak to a fellow makeable winner tinka called Flintzy known with his makeable FlintTV. This is what I asked, it was pretty interesting the responses, check it out:

This is Flintzy who has been playing Tinkatolli for 233 days. I asked Flintzy:

  • Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli?
  • Flintzy: I like how its unique to other virtual world and that we can have our creations made into the game, just like my FlinTV.I also love the graphics,the staff,awards and yeh maybe everything about it!
  • Me: Wow, yeah! 🙂
  • Flintzy: Yeh 🙂
  • Me: What is your favorite feature of Tinkatolli?
  • Flintzy: Hmmm…. it must be these feature(s) creativity,being unique and well everything lol(its too hard to choose!!)
  • Me: Yeah, for sure! 🙂 Woot!
  • Me: What do you think about makeables built in by tinkas in real life?
  • Flintzy: Oh its just great how kids at various ages use a variety of material and junk to create their dream item and have it put online and made by themselves and other tinkas.Every makeable so far is really good and I’m pretty sure future one will be the same :)!!
  • Me: Wooohooo !!! 😀
  • Flintzy: Lol! 🙂
  • Me: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli?
  • Flintzy: My favourite room has to be Canopia Cavern because its not crowded and looks nice with that beam of light .Its a great placefor secret meeting and I also like Sundunia because it looks like a beach and has nice water.Hope lot more cool rooms come on TT!!
  • Me: Woohoo fantastic! 🙂
  • Me: What would you like to see on Tinkatolli?
  • Flintzy: I would like to see unique pets and heaps more places on the map!!And I just want more great updates from such talented and hard-working staff!!
  • Me: Last question – Any other suggestions for the Tinkatolli HQ?
  • Flintzy: Well I would just say keep on making awesome updates and keeping TT alive and good luck for the launch.The staff arethe coolest guys and yeh keep tinkering!
  • Flintzy: Thank you for interviewing me Loki Terry from Tinkatolli Cheatswiz itwas a pleasure! 🙂
  • Me: Thanks for taking the time answering my interview! 😀
It was a great pleasure speaking to Flint! – Some great feedback given, he likes a lot of features and his favorite room is Canopia Cavern!

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