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TinkaView #6 – Mini

I had the amazing opportunity to talk to a recent winner at the TinkaFair with his chair and a great player on Tinkatolli called Mini. This is what Mini had to say:

This is Mini who has been playing Tinkatolli for 41 days. I asked Mini:

  • Me: What are the things you like about Tinkatolli?
  • Mini: Mostly, the Change Your Tinka feature
  • Mini: And The Quests 😉
  • Mini: They are Awesome!
  • Me: Great!
  • Me: What is your favorite feature of Tinkatolli?
  • Mini: Hmm I guess it would be the Quests.
  • Me: Why?
  • Me: 🙂
  • Mini: Cause there is a treasure hunt, and its really exicting when you finally finished it
  • Mini: I cant wait for the next one 😉
  • Me: Yeah 😀 same!
  • Me: What do you think about makeables built in by tinkas in real life?
  • Mini: First, I would say Well Done to the ones who did, and second I really liked building most of them.
  • Mini: Thats what I like in Tinkatolli too, you keep buidling and collecting stuff 😉
  • Me: 😀 – I couldn’t agree more with you there! Woot
  • Me: What is your favorite room on Tinkatolli?
  • Mini: Canopia. It is really quiet and peaceful. You can also collect loads of flowers everyday!
  • Me: Yeah, I love collecing the flowers also!
  • Me: What would you like to see on Tinkatolli?
  • Mini: Parties. For example a Science Fair Party, we could enter our Sciene Fair entry by collecting junk 😉
  • Mini: And more Quests xD
  • Mini: (I really like ’em)
  • Me: Last question
  • Me: Any other suggestions for the Tinkatolli HQ?
  • Mini: Hmm…Maybe they could make more makeables. I love making them 🙂
  • Mini: And if they coutinue their awesome job, Tinkatolli is going to be a big hit 😀
  • Mini: (after beta)
  • Me: Woah, awesome! – Thanks for the fantastic answers! & taking the time to speak to me today!
  • Mini: No Problem 🙂
  • Mini: Thx for interviewing me also 😉

All I have to say is this tinkaview is one of the best, that I’ve done so far! – I had very complex and detailed answers from Mini and I loved his feedback and answers. I’m sure in the future the team will keep making more makable and I like the idea of the partys!

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